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Jonathan Holmes avatar 11:24 PM on 01.11.2011  (server time)
Xmas card gratitude, Kratos's speech origin stories, Boglin, and Constructoid


Thanks to Dtoid TEHMORROW. He sent me a Christmas card. I still can't believe it! I was so God damned touched that he bothered to send me something.

Pics attached.

If he had sent me his address, I would have sent him something in return. If you're reading this TEHMORROW, PM me so I can get your address and mail you some crap.


Did you see The Destructoid Show Awards Show 2010 part 1? If you didn't here it is. Checking out the first couple of awards will give the proper context for this next bit.

See the Kratos acceptance speech? That was me! Weird, right? I barely recognized me myself.

It was never the plan for me to be Kratos. We shot the awards show the morning of the day that I had to start my cross country drive from San Fransisco to Boston. The idea was that a Dtoid staff member (who shall remain nameless) was to do Kratos's acceptance speech, and send the video to Revision3 while I was on the road.

Well, when I got back to Massachusetts, I found out that the Dtoid staff member in question was having technical difficulties, so they couldn't get their video done in time. Revision3 needed a Kratos acceptance speech in a few hours.

I was freaking out.

With no other recourse, I decided to try to do it myself, because I couldn't expect anyone else to snap to it, not on that short of notice. To make matters worse, I had left my hair clippers in San Fransisco, so I had to shave my head with hair clippers that aren't meant for clipping hair from your... head. It took a while, and it was fairly painful.

To save time, I didn't even shave my whole head. See if you can see the hair in this picture.

Anyway, after shaving my head as much as I could, I dug up as much make-up as I could find from under the sink (where I keep my make-up),and then tried to think of something to say.In case you couldn't tell, I didn't come up with much, but hopefully it still turned out OK.

I really hope Kratos wins something again this year, and that they let me take another crack at the speech. I know I could do better next time!

Also, I had to do the old man dog shadow puppet speech at the last minute as well. Here's the unedited version.

I have no idea what I was going for on that one.


So, we've got two episodes of Contrustoid in the can. Like with Sunday's with Sagat (the weekly series I was doing for a while), time constraints were an issue in terms of production. I just didn't have the time to put as much into these as I wanted. Deadlines for reviews and previews are breathing down my neck. It would have been irresponsible for me to abandon those responsibilities for this experimental little show we've been working on. That said, I know that there are a few parts of the show that are definitely awesome (at least to me).

Also, Constructoid doesn't have the technical issues that Sunday's with Sagat suffered from, at least, not so far. No Green screen mishaps, no bad sound, etc. Just now, I found a few seconds in one episode where an animation was missing, but I'll probably be able to get that fixed before it gets posted.

Speaking of that, it's still not determined if Constructoid will be a segment on the Dtoid show, it's own thing, or both. Either way, I'd really watched it whenever it appears, and telling me what you think of it. Like everything I do, I do it solely to interact with you guys; my chosen videogame community.

And I hope you're watching the Dtoid show! It's reached new heights of late. I can't wait to visit the set in San Fransisco, if not just to watch Max and Tara do their thing. I probably wont be able to get down there until summer, but that's OK. It give me something to look forward to.


Awesome, right?

Also, is "cool story bro" still a thing that internet people are doing all the time? If so, I imagine a few of you will be commencing with that in the comments below.

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