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Jonathan Holmes avatar 9:19 PM on 12.23.2009  (server time)
So maybe No More Heroes does make a few nods to FF VII...

I was just finishing up a post about the new No More Heroes 2 website, and one of the screenshots really struck me.

That really does look like a black-and-white, tattooed Cloud Strife, doesn't it?

Now, people have been saying for a while that Helter Skelter, the first guy that Travis Touchdown fights (and kills) in No More Heroes is a Sephiroth tribute/parody. He's got the same white hair, the same bare-chested fashion sense, and he even sort of stands the same way (meaning, he sticks his hips out in the same emotional way).

Sure sure, I see the resemblance, but it's not enough for me to believe that there is definitely a connection here. I mean, we need more than some hair similarities and hip-posture to start taking this seriously, right? It's Skelter Helter (Helter Skelter's brother and first boss of No More Heroes 2, seen in the screenshot above) that has me moving towards buying into this theory.

Same spiky hair, same ribbed, sleeveless sweater-thing, and the same logic-defying suspenders/belt combo. Just make the hair blond, the shirt a little bluish, and...

Yeah, I sort of see it.

The really weird part is, the resemblance is so subtle that it's almost not even there. Actually that's not that weird, is it? This is Suda 51 we're talking about. If he's trying to make some sort of comment about FF VII with these bosses, he probably wants it done it in a way that's open to interpretation, or isn't consciously noticable at all.

So why would Skelter Helter and Helter Skelter be look-a-likes of FF VII's two most iconic characters? Is this Suda's way of saying he wants his character (Travis) to kill the current standard notion of what a "Japanese" game is? And why are the Helter Skelter/Skelter Helter brothers in black and white? Could it be that Suda is pointing out that the "absolute good vs absolute evil" world of JRPGs is something that needs to be killed off? And what about No More Heroes 3? Can we expect a sexy, Tifa-looking Skelter sister to be the first boss? Will she have a dolphin kick? If so, what will that mean? I mean, really mean?

Alright Jim, I'll shut up now.

Still, it's kind of cool to think that a Cloud Strife cosplayer might be the first boss of NMH2.

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