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Jonathan Holmes avatar 4:36 PM on 02.06.2008  (server time)
Scud returns to comics today! Issue 21 in stores now.

If you read comics in the 90's, were at least 16, and at all worth talking to, you probably loved Scud: The Disposable Assassin. As many of you out there on D-toid were born in the 90's, you might have missed the boat. It's not too late for you, as the series is suddenly back with a fugly vengeance. I picked up the latest issue today, and I'm psyched.

Scud was the first independent American comic book to completely screw convention and tell violent, surreal, and genuinely funny stories that actually spoke to regular teenage males. Sure, before Scud there were all those fucked up Fritz the Cat comics and Heavy Metal magazines and all that. Those weren't really made for teenagers, more for burnt out hippies and "adult fantasy" enthusiasts. No, Scud was something else entirely.

I've got a front page blog to do, so I really can't blab more about it now. But I want to tell you guys to go buy Scud issue #21. The series is back from a ten year hiatus, and it's better than ever. You wont need to have ever read the series before to understand whats going on, and if you like the writing and sensibility of Destructoid, I guarantee Scud issue #21 will make you happy.

Here's [url=]Scud's daddy's site[url]. He wrote the now famous failed pilot for Heat Vision and Jack, a tv series about Jack Black and talking motorcycle voiced by Owen Wilson kicking ass and asploding alien asses. He also wrote Monster House, which I thought would suck but didn't. He writes and directs the Sarah Silverman Program, which I thought wouldn't suck but sort of does, but that's because Sarah Silverman is the definition of anti-charisma. Those two fake gay dudes are hilarious though.

Anyway, yeah. Rob Schrab. Funniest sounding name in Hollywood, and comic book genius. He's no fuck up. Well, actually he is, but he's a damn talented fuck up.

I'm sure you can relate.


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