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Jonathan Holmes avatar 10:54 AM on 02.28.2010  (server time)
Quickblog- Mega Man 10 excite, Podcastin', and the irony of Wii bashing

Mega Man 10 is coming out tomorrow. Is it going to be able to validate it's own existence. Is it going to be a worthwhile experience in its own right? Personally, I'm still not sure?

Capcom has said next to nothing about it of late, and though they let the press play a final build of the game last week at that Nintendo Summit, they aren't letting us talk about anything other than Strike Man's level. Why are they being so quiet about the game? Where's the marketing? Sure, Japan's getting that candy (which may or may not be gummi), but compared to with Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 is going to have a largely quiet launch. I was sure Capcom was going to team up with us to do a second round of the Mega Man Maker contest, but that never happened.

It's less than 24 hours before I'll be playing the game, and I'm pretty nervous. For whatever reason, I have some emotional investment in the Mega Man series, and I desperately don't want this game to suck. Over the past week, I've gone back into playing my favorites of the past Mega Man games (1,2,3 and 9) and it feels like they've set a bar that'll be nearly impossible to live up to, Mega Man 9 especially. As time has gone on, I'm beginning to see the game differently. It may be the best game in the series, better even than Mega Man 2.

Can Mega Man 10 top that? Other than doing a lot off new stuff (like Mega Man 3 did), or just outdoing it predecessor in every way while throwing in some awesome twists at the end (like Mega Man 2 did)), it's hard to image that the game will be able to do enough to differentiate itself from the other games in the series.

Or is could have such great music and well designed levels that it becomes my favorite Mega Man game ever. Only a few more hours until we find out.

So, we're recording another Bit Transmission podcast in about an hour, and I'm still figuring out how to do it. I'm used to writing, and I'm used to being on video, but podcasting? It's totally weird to me. It seems that there are really two types of podcast fans, those that can be entertained just by hearing people talk to each other, and those that want to be seriously entertained/educated/etc. Of course, I want to appease both audiences, but I have no idea how. There is no "school of podcasting" or other set of guidelines on how to do this thing. It's like being in the wild west. There are no rules, or borders, or precedent. .

It's weird and exciting stuff. All I can hope is that as long as I care about what I'm talking about, and do my best to be genuine, that something good will come of it. We've already got a lot of listeners so the pressure is on, and it's only episode 2. Let's hope I don't suck!

Wii bashing- what do you think of it? I'm still trying to figure that out myself.

Now, I'm not talking about criticizing the Wii for having no hard drive, or a weak CPU, or all that stuff. Pointing out that you wish the Wii could run games in HD or that it had more "important" 3rd party games like Modern Warfare 2 or Resident Evil 5 isn't Wii bashing, it's just pointing out the obvious. The Wii, as a piece of hardware, sort of sucks, and as a result, 3rd parties haven't invested as much money into developing games for it as they have the PS3/360. What else it new? It's been that way since launch, and with a few exceptions like Monster Hunter 3 and Dragon Quest X, it's not going to change.

Pointing that out is fine. To enjoy the Wii requires the capacity to appreciate smaller, quirkier games. If that's not your thing, and you want to let the world know, that's great. I'm interested to hear where you're coming from. No, by Wii bashing, I'm talking about the people who get off on posting (regularly) that the people that do like the Wii are worse people than they are, or that the all games on the Wii are shovelware, and that anyone who likes them is "teh suxxorz". It's weird, isn't it, that kind of bullying, that kind of generalizing, coming from self-proclaimed "gamers", a group that has been bullied and treated like a stereotype for going on 30 years? Maybe it happens with the PS3 and the 360 too, but other than on Fanboy Friday, I never see it.

So why is it that the Wii inspires this sort of mean-spirited nonsense from people? I've asked the question to myself (and you guys) many times, but I still haven't come up with an answer. One thing I do know, is that it's extremely ironic to me that gamers who have been mocked and ridiculed their whole lives for loving videogames now choose to mock and ridicule others for playing the Wii. It's like they are trying to prove that they are, by some arbitrary measure, "cooler" than "casual gamers". Isn't that fucking weird?

I always thought that calling yourself a gamer was, at least partially, about rejecting ideas of being "cool", about accepting that you are a geek, and refusing to measure yourself (and others) by conventional standards of social worth. Doesn't that sound better than judging each other based on how "hardocore" or "mature" we are as gamers? Wouldn't it be better if we'd all stick together? That's definitely how it used to be in the days before the internet, and that's how I wish it were now.

Maybe I've seen The Breakfast Club one too many times, but I really think that if people could just chill the fuck out, we could all find worth in each others differences. I mean, we're talking about videogames, people. This isn't politics, or Wall Street, or gang warfare. This is hobby, an art form, a way of expressing ourselves and experiencing the ideas of others, and something that still gets mocked and demonized by the mainstream media on a regular basis. As gamers, we're all underdogs. Gaming should be uniting us, not dividing us. If you care about gaming, then of course you're going to be invested in how the medium evolves, but to angrily denounce everyone and everything connected to one specific console? That's just childish.

Hence the irony.

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