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I've missed you guys so much! Totally went into Dtoid withdrawal over the past few days.

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up to not buy Diatomic, one of the new WiiWare games released today. If I can stomach playing through the whole thing, I'll throw up a review with all the details, but for now I'll just tell you that so far, it is the worst shmup I've ever played in my life.

It should have been great. The game looks like the flOw, and in videos, it appears to play like Geometry Wars. How can you screw that up, right? Easy-- get a developer who thinks they can reinvent the wheel on how to control a shmup, and let them destroy what could have been a great little game.

Unlike Geometry Wars Galaxies on the Wii, which allowed you to either use left stick on the Wii's classic controller or the Wii remote's IR pointer to aim, all attacks in Diatomic are directed with motion controls.

Bad motions controls.

Like in flOw, you control a little amoeba-type thing, and like in Geometry Wars, you play on a sinlge screen and wipe out waves of enemies for points. The kicker is, you attack with your tail via flicking the Wii remote in one of eight directions. Now, that might not be awful if the controls actually worked, but I'd way that at least 75% of the time, your tail will strike one degree away from where it should have. Flick down, and your tail will go diagonal down/left. Strike right, and it goes diagonal up/right. Happens all the time.

That might be fine in another genre, but in a shmup, it's inexcusable. This game is broken.

Unless the devs release a patch that allows you to aim in some other way, don't buy it. It's too bad too, because the music, graphics and general concept here are pretty good.

OK, back to playing Blaster Master. I heard it the VC version has infinite continues. Maybe now I'll actually actually be able to win the damn thing.

Good to have you back, Dtoid.

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