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Jonathan Holmes avatar 3:16 PM on 01.01.2013  (server time)
My Top games of 2012

Hamza told me to make a list of my favorite games of 2012 if I had any down time. I don't have any down time. I really should be recording more Teenage Pokemon audio, but that's really stressful (but really fun once you get past the fear of fucking up).

Instead, I will procrastinate by making a list of some games I like this year. For Hamza!

Rhythm Heaven Fever- It's the best surrealist rhythm game ever made. Sorry Lammy! I love you too

Skullgirls- If you didn't buy this game because it only has 8 characters, you failed. You will get way more than $15 worth of fun from mastering this fighter. It's basically the best Darkstalkers sequel never made.

Fez- It's a great place to be, and I love it.

Spelunky HD- It's a terrible place to be, but I love it.

La-Mulana- It's the WORST place to be, but I TOTALLY love it.

The Last Story- I get why people wouldn't enjoy it, but the game had just the right mix of genuine quality, and old-school, accidental self parody to make it work for me. The characters have the same charming, childliek quality of those found in something like Shenmue or Resident Evil 1, but the ideas and concepts behind the game are nearly as great as Final Fantasy 9's. I went in with low expectations, but had an amazing time.

Retro City Rampage- This is the kind of game that could only come from the mind of one very passionate fan of the medium. Having the opportunity to drive through the mind of a man like Brian Provinciano is pleasure indeed.

Cave Story Halloween re-make- It's Cave Story with Freddy Krueger, Samus Aran, and Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

Sakura Samurai- Punch Out crossed with Zelda in a feudal Japanese setting.

Little Inferno- It's like Cow Clicker on steroids.

Areo Porter- The game captures all the incredible pain and stress that can come from having a simple, seemingly unimportant job perfectly.

Hotline Miami- Death is real and it is awful.

Tokyo Jungle- I just bought it and it's so great, like a realistic version of Cubivore. This is the kind of game I wish Sony would trumpet instead of quietly sneak out the back door on PSN.

Lollipop Chainsaw- There are few videogame characters I relate more to than Juliet Starling.

Edit- Adding more games

Mutant Mudds- Like Fez, Mutant Mudds requires you to constantly shift your interpretation of the game's world due to the 3D nature of the playfield. Like Super Meat Boy, La-Mulana, and Spelunky, Mutant Mudds readies you to face seamingly insurmountable odds at any time, with only your understanding of how to "drive" your character around the playfield and your quick reflexes to help you survive.

Unlike those games, Mutant Mudds is also gives you a taste of power fantasy. You start off with a powerful lead character who has both a gun and a jetpack! Pretty intense, and quite unusual for the disempowerment-centric sub genre of "retro 2D platformer" The way the game balances player empowerment with raw challenge is one of the many things that make it special. Also, you can play as a grandma. It's rad.

Dsy4ia- Games are the greatest artistic medium we have for stepping into the skin of another human being. While most of you probably have no idea what it's like to experience gender reassignment, I promise you'll have a much stronger idea of the emotions involved in the process after playing this game. So go do that. It's free.

Resident Evil: Revelations- It's the real Resident Evil 6.

Edit- Adding more games again. Probably for the last time. This procrastination is getting ridiculous.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice king Why'd You Steal our Garbage- Some of the best graphics and music in any game ever. Remains extremely loyal to the source material. If this were my first 2D action/adventure/platformer, it would have etched itself in my mind as one of the best games ever, if not THE best. It's only because of my age and my brain that I just love it instead of TOTALLY loving it.

Denpa Men- It's a hard as hell turn based RPG about collecting little weird men in one piece pajamas and making them kill giant flying alligators.

Mighty Switch Force- Very similar to Mutant Mudds in the way it combines player empowerment, old school challenge, and messing with player focus and perspective, except Switch Force has more of a puzzle focus. It also has an ugly checkpoint dog. I love it.

Lone Survivor- The best 2D horror game ever made. Delves in the psychology of solitude, the paranoia of suspecting that both your internal and external world's are out to get you, and feeling of intimacy between between player, player character, and game developer that seems unique to games such as this. It's a special thing.

And there are a lot more games than that, but those are a few that I loved. I hope you like the list, Hamza![b]

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