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Jonathan Holmes avatar 8:17 PM on 04.28.2009  (server time)
Is The Spirit the film equivalent of MadWorld?

I'm working on some actual news posts right now, but in the background my girlfriend is watching Frank Miller's recent film The Spirit. I'm half watching it too, looking up every minute or so to take a peek at it, tuning- in every other line to listen to it.

The movie looks like nothing I've ever seen. It's beautiful, and geniunely classy, which off-sets the terrible acting and blatantly ridiculous story in a fantastic way. The story is clearly slave to the visuals, and it's all so god damn weird. It's impossible to predict what will happen next. The only thing I think I know for sure so far is that the volume on the movie's retardeness amplifier has been consistently turned up to eleven, and it seems to be doing it all on purpose.

The movie totally bombed in theaters, potentially returning Frank Miller to movie obscurity, a place he was stuck in for years after RoboCop 2 failed to meet expectations. From what I can tell though, the movie has all the makings of a cult classic. In fact, I'm sort of surprised that it wasn't better appreciated in the first place. My guess is that it just looked too weird for people to take the chance on seeing it in theaters. It's a new IP after all, and in this modern day, new IP generally lose to remakes and sequels. Throw some less-than-stellar reviews in there, (not surprisingly, many critics didn't "get" the movie), and you have a product that people just aren't likely to risk their time and money on.

If people aren't 100% sure their going to like something these days, they just wont buy it.

Now swap out words movie with game, The Spirit with MadWorld, Frank Miller with Platimun/Clover Studios, and RoboCop 2 with God Hand, and it pretty much still rings true.

OK, now Edgar-from-24's head is attached to a foot, and this head-foot thing is hopping around on a lab table. Sam Jackson says he's depressed about this.

Yep, The Spirit is out as close to a MadWorld movie as we're ever likely to see.

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