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Jonathan Holmes avatar 7:29 PM on 09.20.2010  (server time)
I went to Japanese jail! and other stories from TGS

Just got back from TGS, +14 hour flight, very tired, but I wanted to tell you guys some stuff firt. So, in order of importance-

*The Japanese version of Pokemon Black/White doesn't seem to work on non-Japanese DSi. I can't even tell you how much fear and regret that filled me with. Looks like it works with the regular DS lite, so that's a relief.

* I was detained at the airport for that Booth Companions video. Someone filed a complaint about it, though apparently it wasn't any of the Booth Companions themselves. I'm guessing it was someone who saw the post, most likely an American.

Anyway, they called all the women from the show in to see if any of them wanted to press charges. I could only vaguely make out what was going on, but apparently most of them liked the video. A couple even gave me their managers' business cards so I can send them the video in HD. They were all very nice, and the all apologized for the trouble. I guess the "no photos" thing is really there to protect women from up-skirt and ddown-shirt shots, of which my video had none.

Anyway, I feel bad that some people seem offended by the video, but the only thing that really matters is that Booth Companions liked it. If they didn't, I would have taken it down.

* Japan is obsessed with something called "Cubic Mouth" right now. You should check it out. It's the creepiest art style I've seen in many, many years.

* Microsoft is definitely not skimping on the advertising for Halo: Reach in Japan. I saw three commercials for it in the span of an hour, and on prime time no less. Maybe that's not surprising to you, but I was shocked.

* And back to Pokemon Black/White, the cinematic intro is INSANE! It's so serious! Can' wait to jump into the game.

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