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Jon Hartley avatar 7:50 PM on 01.23.2008  (server time)
Please, Justify Your EA Hate

So, in the last couple of months, I've read about EA doing a couple of cool things. One was sending a free game to those who had Rock Band peripheral troubles, and the other was bitch-slapping Fox News on behalf of Mass Effect and gamers everywhere. Yet, predictably, EA hate could be found in the discussion of both events, even when they went above and beyond expectations by offering a *choice* of free games and, well, bitch-slapped Fox News.

What I want is for some of you EA haters to make me understand your intense hate of EA. Yeah, I get it, they paid for an exclusive NFL license. You think they rip us off with yearly "roster update" sports games. Surely though, there has to be a better reason. They are not the only company to ever pay for a license, and they certainly aren't the only company that's ever "phoned it in" on a new game or a sequel. That's also taking into account that most of you who rip EA's sports games don't even play sports games, or like sports for that matter.

So please, I'm begging you. Help me understand why EA is so evil. I really want to know. I won't flame you unless you decide to flame me. We can have a civilized discussion here. Although, like any of my other rants where I attempt to appeal to people's common sense, I get zero responses justifying some of the nonsense we see everywhere. Come on, EA haters. I'll be nice. Just stand behind your disdain for EA and illustrate to me why they are so deserving of it, and all the other evil companies scheming to get your money are not.

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