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Jon Hartley avatar 12:00 PM on 03.18.2008  (server time)
Opinion: Sheep May Ruin Destructoid, But Not The Sheep You're Thinking Of

With all the drama that ensues after nearly every Destructoid review comes a lot of finger-pointing and insults. One of the things I'm starting to see, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, is an "us vs. them" mentality where Dtoiders are accusing those who dare to disagree with said reviews of being sheep, and saying things like "Kotaku is that-a-way", lulz.

Now, this particular discussion is not about the reviews themselves.

Instead, I'd like to focus on the question, "who are the real sheep here?" Who are the real sheep, when every time you see a negative comment toward a writer, an opinion, or a review, a dozen Dtoiders flock to the scene of the crime to defend their Toid-brother like a mother bear fiercely protecting her cubs?

Why is it that anything and everything is fair game to be mocked or disagreed with...other than Destructoid itself? Suddenly, the cynicism and sense of humor goes out the window when someone has the AUDACITY to criticize something written on the front page.

The behavior here recently in comments sections reminds me of the discourse here in the U.S. when the Iraq war was going full steam. For every one or two people who wanted to disagree or maybe voice their opinion a little, there were three or four rednecks ready to say, "You don't like it, commie? MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!" In a sense, "Kotaku is that way ->" and "Go to CNet then" has become our "Move to France if you don't like it!" And that saddens me.

It is no better to blindly agree with everything a Dtoid writer or editor says than it is to blindly follow anyone. Similarly, someone doesn't need to "GTFO" of Dtoid simply because they don't like a review or article here.

Dtoid is special in part because the writers are really just like us. They are gamers like us, they interact with us, they visit our blogs (well, YOUR blogs...heh), and essentially are no better than us...and that's a good thing. Let's not ruin that by putting the writers on a pedestal and being afraid to disagree with anything they say.

Also, like it or not, this site is growing. Niero and company WANT it to grow. So should you. The folks who work their asses off to provide us with entertainment and lulz should be rewarded for that effort. The only way that's going to happen is to continue to have new folks check out what Dtoid is all about. And shockingly enough, the mob mentality that has taken over much of the Dtoid flock will be foreign to them. They may just go as far as to criticize or disagree with something related to the site or its writers. And (say it with me), that's okay.

Dtoid is all about saying what you think, whether people agree with it or not. So let's take it easy with the ass-kissing, people. The writers don't need it and Dtoid isn't better for it.

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