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Jon Hamlin avatar 1:51 PM on 05.06.2013  (server time)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - 5 Characters That Scare The Baby Jesus Out Of Me

I知 an avid fan of fighting games. Ever since Street Fighter II,I'vebeen infatuated with the genre. I love them. I love them dearly. Many things have changed since I first started playing fighting games. For one, I知 a lot better than 8-year-old me was. I知 also able to play a wider variety of fighting games, because I now realize that not every game is going to behave like a Street Fighter game.

However, there is something that has stayed the same. Over the years, no matter what fighting game I知 playing揖ing of Fighters, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, and so on葉here are always a handful of characters that scare the baby Jesus out of me. I知 not talking about aesthetics, either. I知 talking about the characters that, when your opponent in a multiplayer match chooses them, you know you池e starting a leg down because they have a fear-factor. For Mortal Kombat it痴 Scorpion and Mileena. For Soul Calibur it痴 Tira and Nightmare. And for Street Fighter well, take your pick.

But, I think anyone who plays fighting games even casually has those characters that they just really, really don稚 want to fight against. Sometimes it痴 because of the move list for a particular character. Sometimes it痴 because someone 都howed you that a character you previously thought was terrible, actually has endless juggling potential. Sometimes it痴 because you got violated in an online match with a particular character and it left a psychological scar. Sometimes, it痴 a combination of all three.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is no exception to the rule. It contains plenty of characters to be terrified of I mean, come one, they池e superheroes. Nonetheless, there are some that scare me more than others. Here, in no particular order, are five characters from Injustice: Gods Among Us that scare the baby Jesus out of me.

No. 5
Killer Frost

Anyone who has played the game knows that, upon initially practicing with Killer Frost, theredoesn'tseem to be much going on. She has a shallow combo list, her specials are situation-specific, and shedoesn'tnecessarily juggle well. But, all you need to do is play someone who has taken the time to really get to know her and her moves list. Yes, she has a shallow combo list, but with the addition of a bounce cancel she suddenly becomes a whole new monster. Not only does it raise her juggling potential, but her Frozen Daggers special can be used to push that juggle over into several combos. The initial lull of simplicity belies the incredible amount of skill and judgment of timing it takes to play her well. It痴 hard to know exactly how to go at her, since therearen'tthat many people playing good Killer Frosts right now. Factor in an auto-counter with a disabling effect, andyou'vegot one hell of fight on your hands.

No. 4

Thisain'tPoe痴 Raven. No sir. Raven is another character like Killer Frost in the sense that, initially, you may think she痴 more trouble than she痴 worth. Ravendoesn'tnecessarily feel lackluster. Do a little practice with her and you値l immediately recognize that she has great potential to be a Tier 1 fighter. What turns most people off, I think, is the fact that training with her would be very time-intensive. It would take a lot of work. I tend to be afraid of characters that use any kind of sorcery whatsoever. So, she gets fear-factor points on that basis alone. Most of her special moves are geared towards playing a great keep-away game because they catch you at almost any distance. But the enhanced versions of her special moves set up some crazy combo-juggles that usually end with Raven popping her special move. She痴 the only character in the game who can used an enhanced special move to actually return projectile damage back to the character who used it in the first place. She is Deathstroke痴 and Green Arrow痴 worst nightmare in that regard. And need I even mention her character power, which unlock additional special moves and has a fast recharge time? She痴 hard to learn how to play well with, but if you play anyone who has put in the time and effort to do so, you値l see for yourself why she ended up on this list.

No. 3
Black Adam

This guy never lets up. His specials materialize out of thin air (literally) and because he痴 a character that relies on a very aggressive play-style, he痴 always in your face. If you致e ever played a skilled Black Adam player, chances are you haven稚 seen them pop his super move all that often. That痴 because they need that meter for his enhanced special moves. Without his enhanced special moves, Black Adam is nothing. But, with them, he becomes an offensive powerhouse with some of the most punishing juggling combos in the game. Most of his enhances special moves have some sort of knock up effect that slows the falling speed of your opponent, allowing you to position for your next juggling combo. Thatwouldn'tbe a huge problem in and of itself, but thestart-upframes on his enhances specials are so ridiculous, the moves seem to pop up out of nowhere. They poke and prod you to find an opening, and hedoesn'teven need to be close to you to take advantage of them. Their speed of occurrence really does catch you off-guard sometimes. Black Adam hits, and he hits hard. Chances are, you won稚 even see it coming.

No. 2

Catwoman is no joke. As soon as I saw the reveal footage for her, I knew she would be a Tier 1 fighter, and I stand by that assertion. She has the most extensive combo list in the game and her offensively oriented character power is among the quickest and most punishing of any character. Her extensive combo list contains a number of final hits that have knock-back or knock-up properties. Anyone who can learn how to chain combos off of a bounce cancel can run circles around most people they are likely to meet online. But it is the ferocity and speed of her combos and attacks that make her so terrifying. Make no mistake about it: This stray is feral. She puts The Flash and Nightwing to shame, two characters who are certainly among the quickest in the game, but who don稚 chain as quickly or as efficiently as she does.

No. 1

Really, who didn稚 see this coming? Injustice is the game that made Aquaman badass again, and among the most terrifying in the character roster. The man is a beast. His entire game is built around the use of his trident, and what a piece of weaponry that thing proves to be. He can play any style he wants to. Close? No problem. Long? No problem. Keep-away? Ha! A piece of cake. His combos have perhaps the greatest variety as far as high, mid, or low hits are concerned, so he is extremely difficult to defend against. Most of the low hits knock you up in the air, meaning Aquaman has one mean juggling game. If you池e playing as Aquaman and your opponent isn稚 spending 80% of her/his time in the air, you池e doing something wrong. He has a special move that makes him invulnerable for a short period of time, he can throw his trident, and he has a special that hits you from below with a pool of water. He痴 got a solution for every problem he could ever run into during a match. Aquaman has become a popular choice among players who have participated in the few tournaments Injustice has had since its release, and there are some very good reasons for that.

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