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Hey, Jace Hall loves P.A.D. do you?

Dont know what Public Access Destructoid is, have a watch as my first encounter with Jace Hall will leave you wanting more!

Jon Carnage
11:30 PM on 12.11.2009

Here are some Juice Game pictures. I managed to snag a couple of these pic's during my hard hitting story HOW GAME JUICE IS MADE!

Photo Photo

Jon Carnage
6:32 PM on 11.25.2009

Hello Dtoiders!
I am dropping in to introduce my self. Iam Jon Carnage. I along with R3y will head Destructoids *NEW* Vidcast!!! The Vidcast will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Over here on my C'Blog I will be posting alot of beta/rough cut stuff. So, this is where you guys will get to voice your opinion's.

See you all soon......