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Jon Hamlin's blog

1:51 PM on 05.06.2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us - 5 Characters That Scare The Baby Jesus Out Of Me

Iím an avid fan of fighting games. Ever since Street Fighter II,†I've†been infatuated with the genre. I love them. I love them dearly. Many things have changed since I first started playing fighting games. For one, Iím a lot ...   read

1:10 PM on 04.24.2013

Am I Gettiní Too Old For This Sh^T: Getting Old With Games

Donít take anything you are about to read too seriously, folks. Letís be clear about one thing: Iím 24 years old. But if you think Iím actually 24 years old, youíre wrong. If I am 24 in Earth years, that means Iím 37 in Gam...   read

4:39 PM on 04.10.2013

Going Rogue: Is it time to switch to PC

I've been a console gamer my entire life. I grew up with Nintendo and have owned every Sony and Microsoft home console to date. Sure, I've played some PC, but I've never spent countless hours in front of my computer, with the...   read

1:50 PM on 03.12.2013

'We've captured a command post': Star Wars Battlefront's multiplayer madness

By now, Star Wars: Battlefront has spent enough time in disc trays across the world that a post like this isn't all that strange nor untimely. It's a game that most of remember as one of the better Star Wars titles to come ou...   read

12:11 PM on 03.08.2013

Back to the future: SimCity's progress trap

Like the rest of you trying to play SimCity, I am angry. I'm not entirely sure "angry" is the right word... I'm not even sure there is a word to describe--truly describe--the amount of disappointment and rage I feel over what...   read

11:33 AM on 03.05.2013

Why 'game journalism' needs a media desk

Game journalist, or game journalism, is a loaded phrase. It carries with it a number of preconceptions--and misconceptions, for that matter--and implications. Truth is, game journalism is about as far from the journalism you ...   read

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