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Jon Hamlin
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Going Rogue: Is it time to switch to PC

I've been a console gamer my entire life. I grew up with Nintendo and have owned every Sony and Microsoft home console to date. Sure, I've played some PC, but I've never spent countless hours in front of my computer, with the...


Why 'game journalism' needs a media desk

Game journalist, or game journalism, is a loaded phrase. It carries with it a number of preconceptions--and misconceptions, for that matter--and implications. Truth is, game journalism is about as far from the journalism you ...


About Jon Hamlinone of us since 4:27 PM on 03.04.2013

Recently graduated university with a degree in Chinese. Of course, I'm doing absolutely nothing with that degree and writing about videogames instead. I come from a journalism background and have always written, and I have a passion for games. My interests are tied up in game music, industry issues, and how games continue to exist in the public sphere long after they come out... their legacy, if you will.

I live in the always-exciting San Francisco Bay Area where there is certainly no shortage of freelance competition.

I'm an avid player of RPGs, racers, fighting games, and have been known to enjoy an occasional shooter.


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