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Jon B
1:01 AM on 06.11.2010

Very little to say really.

In brief, I've basically whipped up a old-style UI, due to people disliking the new one. Aren't I so amazingly kind?

Anyway, you can grab it from my FPSBanana at

This is where I'd normally just copy-paste the stuff from the DeviantArt page, but NO! Dtoid deserves better!

There once was a game called Persona 4.
It was a very good game, that many people said was very good. And things.
This is a little snippet of that, on your desktop.

Made this sheerly because I was bored, and the GiantBomb endurance run having "I'd have that widget on my desktop" said. So what the hell, ya know? Fire up Photoshop, get cracking in Notepad++, and here's the products of my labour.

Everything works like it should (hopefully) and the weather even syncs with your real life weather, using Yahoo. The little text saying time of day? Yeah, that changes too. I did have a big thing flash up on the screen like in P4, but it decided to break, so I removed it.

I should probably also mention that you'll need Rainmeter to use this, too. Very nifty little app. You'll need the Enigma files installed in order to run this for the Weather function, but Rainmeter comes with it anyway.
To install it, you simply have to plop the Persona 4 directory into your "My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\" directory and go from there.

Aaand that's pretty much it. Make sure that if something breaks horribly, you sound off in the comments and I'll get cracking at fixing it. And feel free to suggest something else to do, if I fancy it I'll give it a shot.

You can grab it from my dA, here.

As per request, I've done a Persona 3 edition, too. Everything from above applies still.

You can grab this, also from my dA, here.

Additionally, for those who say that the weather doesn't work, there's not much I could do to fix it, so instead I synced it to change the weather periodically instead of getting data from Yahoo.

I've updated the original file on dA, so you'll need to redownload that.
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Because we all know blogs look boring without a picture.
This is not a direct link, for what should be obvious reasons.

Now, before you all go all "BAWW PIRACY" on me, this does not explicitly only apply if you pirated the game. It works on the legitimate version too, so I've been told.

Nonetheless, this is just a fantastic example of how MW2 screwed the pooch in terms of restricting features from people, they'll just end up making their own. The fact that the game has been cracked into for server support AND console support already on the PC version is just a sign that people WILL do something about it if you try and tell PC gamers what they want. Hopefully this will mean IW patch in dedis at a later date, because I've seen full data files that actually contain information about server browsers and dedicated servers that are going completely unused.

Now, for obvious reasons, I'm just showing this as news. If you download it, so be it. It's your own perogative (is that even the right word?) so don't come crying to me.
If you don't download it, then clearly you have no problem with IWnet, so you shouldn't worry about this. It is a hassle to set up, after all.

Search Dtoid on the storefront, and it's free to all.

Jon B
2:33 PM on 09.23.2009

Jaw = Floored.

From the looks of things from this remarkably dodgy video, Trackmania 2 appears to have slightly more customisation than the previous iterations, while still being insane with incredible graphics.
Don't take my word for it though, just watch the video.

(This news is fairly old now, but I didn't see it mentioned, so apologies if it's a repost.)

Yes, that's right, once again the amazing people at have listed an item early, just like the PS3 Slim.

Bear in mind that the Slim's listing didn't change when it was officially announced, and the page is the same, so this is pretty likely. Also with the fact that the Pro is being phased out and Direct Download games.