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I'm a 35 yr old gamer who happens to practice law on occasion. I started gaming with the atari 2600. After some handheld games I went to the sega master system for a few years until I got a nes about 1987. Favorite nes games in order: 1. Baseball Stars(first sports game with rpg leveling) 2. Legend of Zelda 3. Final Fantasy 4. all 3 super mario games 5. some more.

That said, I easily went to the snes but missed out on classics like chrono trigger(college and football got in the way). I also got introduced to the pc around 1992 and have been a fan of pc games ever since. First it was flight sims till halflife and more importantly team fortress classic.

I still play consoles some. However, I am mainly a PC guy.

My current consoles: PC ( gaming lappy and netbook with old games) Wii, PS2, 2 PSP (one 1st gen with custom, one slim for any decent games), DS lite with r4. I also have 4 virtual boys, atari lynx and Panzer Dragoon Saga which I played thru. So I got somw good games and a modded pspgo for the rest.

1:23 AM on 02.24.2014

My domination to get the overtime cap.

Well today Fortress Forever has been released. For those who are unaware of what FF is it is a MOD for HL2 made by Team Fortress Classic fans and as such the mod will include conc and grenades which have unfortunately been removed in TF2. For links to get the Mod go to

After, I read the charges against Mr. Thompson I am amazed. How can he think he can say such things about fellow lawyers and not get punished. I would provide you with the links to the complaint filed but can not do it here.Take a look. Being a lawyer I was stunned by his actions in this complaint. My prediction is Mr. Thompson will be disciplined. Unfortunately, hes not in Ohio where DisBarment means something (like life).

I'm a gamer and would like to help the Destructroid community if I can. BUT this is far from my fun of games. I love Destruciod enough that I will give what limited legal advice I can for you all. Just Understand my advice is not legally binding cause you all are all over the world and I only am only licensed in Ohio. So Ohio I don't Ohio Probs don't ask.