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JohnnyViral avatar 4:06 PM on 04.13.2011  (server time)
We Are Destructoid: Unsung Heroes

[Hey gang! Last week, I challenged some community members to tell us why Destructoid's community is so important to them. Don't let them be the only ones! Tell us how you feel in your own blog. -- Kauza]

Destructoid CBlogs, the place where you can come and express your opinion on most anything, movies, anime, games, and life, whatever really… well within reason. Many of the staff got their start on the CBlogs, and that’s one of the things that make DTOID so awesome, they pull talent from the community and give them jobs. And now they have done it again with Andrew Kauz.

Everyone has had their own experience here on the CBlogs, for me my experience is a bit limited since I don’t write that many CBlogs and read them only once or so a day. Im more of a podcast guy, we use the CBlogs to advertise the show, get comments and interact with the listeners, and my personal CBlog series is under hiatus for months at a time. So when I was asked to help our new Big Boss Andrew Kauz with this We are Detructoid series, I decided I would focus on the people who bravely read through and colmb through all the blogs on a given day (in a timely manner) and then put it in a nice little organized package so the rest of us can read them. Im talking about the CBlog Recappers, those wonderful people who take time out of their busy days and put the blogs of that day on a silver platter for all of us to enjoy.

Currently the line up of Recappers goes as follows.

Mondays -Qalamari
Tuesdays - Funktastic
Wednesdays - ScottyG
Thursdays - megaStryke (Tony Ponce)
Fridays - GamesAreArt
Weekends - SilverDragon1979

So since my buddy Scotty is going to recap this one I’ll give him a quick shout out first.
Hey Scotty!

The Recappers go through everyday into the CBlogs, read through as much of a blog as possible and then mark them down in easy to understand categories.

First is
(Blank)isms – Is the segements of the Recap blog where the recapper gets to say whats on their mind, like their own mini CBlog. They might expose you to what they have been doing, a game they are playing, a movie they watched, whatever. Its always pretty cool to read this segment so you can get an insight into what the recapper is thinking that week.

TopSauce – The best segment on the recaps, the one with all the awesome that is the CBlogs. If your blog makes it here, you sir or madam are damn amazing. Here go Cblogs of exceptional quality, CBlogs you want others to read, CBlogs you want to hang out with, make sweet sweet love to… ok maybe not go that far but, you get my drift.

WORDtoid – This is the segment I am most featured in since it is all about writing. Articles by community members, some community members have their own blog series, this segment houses the recapped monthly musings and the one type of blog closes to my heart, podcasts are stored here. (Not so stealthy “Go listen to 321GOCast” bump)

CONTEStoid – In this segment you can find out about unofficial contests being sponsored by Destructoid community members. I actually have a story about this segment, involving the new boss man himself. Through this segment I was able to learn about Andrew Kauza’s (then just Kauza on the CBlogs) Fallout 3 Weapon Design contest, which would net you a mystery gift if you won it. I thought it was a fun idea and since I absolutely love Fallout 3, I decided to enter. The entries were damn funny, some a bit perverted, and some even could actually work if the game let you. I had the good fortune of winning and Kauza sent me an amazing gift package including a game I was actually thinking of purchasing (Silent Hill: Homecoming). So this segment has been very useful to me, maybe you might get lucky too.

CommuniTOID – This is what DTOID is all about, the community. In this segment the recappers put up any CBlog that includes the community, be it events, the Friday Night Fights blogs, stories, introductions, people showing their gaming setups, etc. It’s a fun way to look at what Dtoiders around the world are up to.

GAMEtoid– All about the vidya, about what has brought us to DTOID and what brings us all together. Reviews, previews, thoughts, rants, deals, news and videos about games posted by the community are recapped here. So if you’ve got a guide, a review, or just a video of something you did in a game, post it up, it’ll be up here.

CULTUREtoid – In this segment the recappers give us some culture. They educate us on CBlogs that make us better people, expose us to art, movies, music, and books, be they game related or not the CULTUREtoid segment will serve you up a big pile of culture, whether you like it or not. Also, if you have any cool swag you picked up at a convention, a press event, a pre-release, and you blog about it, it will show up here too.

OTHERtoid – Anything and everything goes here. It’s the miscellaneous segment. Funny stuff usually gets posted up here.

FAILtoid – Pretty self explanatory. The lowest of the low, the worst of the worst, one sentence blogs, spam, badly written blogs, etc. This segment is pretty much the “What not to do on the CBlogs” segment. If you check out these blogs, be forewarned you will be witness to the Fail.

But Johnny this blog really doesn’t do anything but tell me about the recaps, when are you gonna say something interesting or uplifting about the CBlogs?

Okay, It may be true that this blog is basically a guide to the recaps. But think about it, did you ever actually think about the recaps and the recappers? They deserve your respect, they deserve more than your respect, they deserve that you read the recaps, their blogs that you put some effort in to your blogs. That is all they ask, all they ask is that when you decide to write a CBlog here on Destructoid, you do it because you want to, that you take your time, don't rush it, write out your thoughts, don't just type random crap that doesn't make sense, they deserve that much of your respect, and so does the rest of the community who will read your blog. These guys go through every CBlog, let me repeat that EVERY CBlog for that day and tell you about them. They dig through the shit, through the spam, through the bad stuff, to bring you CBlogs worthy of reading. And like most people on the DTOID community, the guys behind recaps are some amazing dudes. Just look at those beautiful bastards up there, look at em, and tell me you don’t want to hang out with these guys. When people ask who should be in the DTOID comic next (whenever it comes back) these guys deserve it more than anyone. They are our unsung heroes, our hidden guides through the wonderful world of DTOID. If the CBlogs were a Disney ride, these guys would be our magical fairy guides. Without these guys, the CBlogs would be a confusing ass place, a cluster fuck of ideas, rants, reviews, etc. So when you're done reading this, send the recappers a message, an email and thank them, thank them for the daily service they provide the DTOID community, a service they provide freely and willingly, because like so many of us, they love this site and its community. They are the unsung heroes of the Destructoid community.

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