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JohnnyViral avatar 7:18 PM on 10.24.2011  (server time)
The Destructoid Community Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Another week has passed and its time once more to share our progress for the Fitness Challenge. Last week we had fewer people post their progress, but that is ok people get busy and this is not a mandatory thing by any means. Anyway enough of my babbling on to the porgress reports.

WARNING: Wall of text Incoming

JohnnyViral Progress

Previous Goal = 3lbs
Actually lost = 4lbs

What I've been doing:
Only had time to jog 3 times last week due to midterms and getting new tires for my car. Did not buy weights due to not actually having cash.

What I will do:
Continue the walking/jogging regiment.

Goal for the Week:
3 lbs

Sure. I gained a few pounds in the last year or so, since becoming management instead of worker, and I'm looking to trim up a bit.

What I've been doing:
Weight training 3 or 4 days a week (once every other day). Minimum of half an hour of cardio every day except Sunday. (Day of rest/hangover)

What I will do:
Thinking about strapping some 5 or 10 lb arm weights to my wrists and playing 15 minutes of Fruit Ninja on the Kinect to add some additional arm toning and cardio. Could be good for the randomness of the movements.

Goal for the Week:
No specific goals from week to week. Right now my waist is up 5 inches from where it should be for a guy of my size and build. My goal is to get rid of those 5 inches for now. Once I do that, my new goal will be 300-style abs.

Blu Progress
Last week was a party week (no excuse)! But I've seem to actually lose that 1lb that I wanted so it should be all up hill from here. I've been doing 1hr cardio or a little bit more just to finish an episode of a podcast and what ever body part I had to do for weightlifting. Definitely want to get a straight habit before winter hits.

A pound a week for me is still my goal since I am still getting use to the gym schedule. Work hard, guys!


What I've been doing:
A minimal amount of resistance exercise every day, eating a pretty balanced diet.

What I will do:
No candy at work (I work at a flower/candy shop, it's hard not to have one little piece a day). Bicycling at least 1 mile 5 days a week, eat more veggies instead of fruit, less sitting on my butt.

Goal for the Week:
3 lbs (for a steady 112 lbs)

Goal Overall:
10 lbs (for an even more ideal 105 lbs)

Tubatic Progress
Yeah! Health!

What I've been doing:
Failing at cutting out soda (boo!) but winning at drinking lots of water and getting more sleep (YEAH!)! Also, 4 mile walk wasn't bad!

What I will do:
Keep the soda's to minimum and get a good walk or two in during the week.

Goal for the Week:
Feelin' Healthy!

Goal Overall:
Feel less weighty. Will let you know more when I get in touch with a scale! (270lbs by EoY)

Frank Jaeger Progress
What I've been doing:
Haven't missed a day in the gym since last week and making regular progress.

What I will do:
Continue to go and make progress on the C25K app. Just hit week 3!

Goal for the Week:
Continue to not eat after 9pm. It cuts down on my calories and doesn't make me feel like shit the next morning like I do if I eat.

Goal Overall:
Cutting body fat and increase in stamina. I want to run a 5K or more next year.

Ok that is everybody who posted an update last week. Once again thanks to everyone that is participating. Keep at it and dont get discouraged.

Halloween is coming up so I've got a tip or two. 1) If you eat candy, try eating one or two pieces of the smaller ones, dont go for the big or jumbo sized bars.
2) If you go to a Halloween party, dont just sit there drinking and talking, do some dancing. It will help burn what you took in from the drinks or candy being served.

See you all next week.

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