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JohnnyViral avatar 5:17 PM on 10.10.2011  (server time)
The Destructoid Community Fitness Challenge

We all know the stereotypes gamers are given, we are either one of two extremes, overweight or pencil thin. I'll admit that I have met my fair share of gamers that fit into one one of those descriptions, but there are gamers on every possible spectrum of the Body Mass Index chart. Former DTOID contributor Brad Nicholson is a prime example of a gamer with an excellent physique.

Seriously look at him.

Now Im not suggesting that we all strive to look like Brad, but lets face it most of us could be living a bit healthier lives. So after talking about it for a week or so of talking to some other DTOIDers about it I have decided to start up this DTOID Community Fitness Challenge.

Dont let the word challenge fool you, this isnt some competition like the ones on TV, so no winners no losers nothing of the sort. We arent competing against each other to see who can build the most muscle or lose the most weight, the only person you will be challenging is your self.

How will this work you ask? Simple. Every Monday around 6pm EST I will post up this blog, in it will be the progress of those people who shared it with me, what they have done that week to make that progress towards their goal. Each week everyone participating will set a goal for themselves and work towards it. Also in each weekly post I will try to post tips and other things that have worked for other people as well as my own progress. Photos are not necessary but if you wish to share them, I will post them.

Here is what you do if you want to participate. Private message me here on DTOID or post in the comments of this blog series whenever you feel like starting. Your current weight isn't important just your weekly goal and how close you come to it or by how much you surpassed it. Stuff like your clothes fitting better or looser, needing a new pair of pants, belt, etc. are a great way to keep yourself and other motivated.

Again this isn't a competition, its more of a support group so we can encourage each other to live a little healthier or just feel good about how we manage our weight and levels of physical activity. Since this is the first post, I will be the only one featured. Hopefully by next Monday other people will be featured in the blog.


What I've been doing:
Cut out soda, rice, fried foods (when possible). Have begun snacking on granola/nut bars instead of cugary cookies. Have replaced sodas with Iced Tea and Water.

What I will do:
Beginning a walking/jogging routine of 1 hour every day, resting on one weekend day (Saturday or Sunday).

Goal for the Week:
5 lbs

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