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JohnnyViral avatar 10:39 AM on 09.12.2013  (server time)
Teamwork OP: Riot Tries Something New

Say what you will about Riot Games and their flagship title League of Legends, the folks over at Riot seem to genuinely care for the overall health of their community. From the Tribunal, to the Honor Initiative, Riot has seemingly done more to reduce the toxicity in their community than other companies who cater to a multiplayer audience. Though warning, and banning players isn't the best solution according to Riot, they are not afraid of dropping the hammer on any player, be they a normal League player or even a pro, like last year's ban of Team Dignitas' IWillDominate.

In this ongoing effort the folks over at Riot believe that it isn't just about removing the toxic players, but that encouraging those players to change their attitudes will ultimately help curve the toxicity to a more tolerable level, even to one where toxic players are a small minority instead of the norm. With that in mind they have recently released the video "Teamwork OP" on their youtube channel.

In the video Riot points out that teams and players with a better attitude tend to win more games. You might be thinking "Duh. Of course people who don't rage and help each other out win more." And you are correct, but Riot also states something that, I at least, had never thought of. How much more games does your average toxic/rager player lose? According to Riot its about 35% (they clarify that it is for those players with a negative report history, so the number might be bigger since not everyone is reported). 

I am not sure how videos like this will work out for Riot's attempts at getting players to relax and play as a team rather than flame and rage at each other. But hey at least they are trying to work with the players and encourage behavior changes, rather than just outright banning them and just fueling the toxic behavior. Maybe other games could use programs like the Honor Initiative or simple videos like this, maybe then we won't have to hide the chat or mute everyone who isn't a friend of ours right off the bat.

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