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JohnnyViral avatar 4:18 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Thing you didn't know about JohnathanViral

10) I don't actually hate Necros.

Sure I disagree with some of his practices, and his buying habits, BUT I genuinely like the guy and consider him a good friend.

9) I lurked DTOID for about a year

8)I have an unhealthy obsession with some animes and characters

Namely Gurren Lagann, and Hiruma (Eyeshield 21). I cant tell you how genuinely giddy I get at the mention of anything Gurren Lagann. I absolutely LOVE that show, more than any game or movie, I cant help myself. As for Hiruma, I just like the guys style so much, his laugh, his swagger, his bad-assery, I find myself saying YA-HA!! constantly just to see if some of that cool will rub off.

7) I want to change my name to Johnathan Doran

I'm sick and tired of people mispronouncing my last name and having to spell it out for people. I also really like the name Jonathan Doran.

6) I hate my birthplace

I was born in Puerto Rico, island in the Caribbean, current territory of the U.S.A. Now I am not bitter because it is a territory, I am bitter because: A. The status has been up in the air forever B. Those who want independence for PR are happy enough to go study in the States, on federal grants or student loans or what ever, then come right back and bad mouth the U.S.

5) I am deathly afraid of letting my family down.
I am literally on my last rope here in college. Ive fucked up, a lot, and was told by my department that If I did not shape up they would not let me register for classes next semester and I would be removed from the student roster.

4) I was on Gaia... for longer than I care to admit.

It was a stupid point in my life.

3) Even though I am in engineering I dont think its what I want to do with my life

I enjoy my classes, as they are computer related, and not at 8AM. But I do not see myself actually being happy in an engineering job. In truth, I want to be a cook, I really like food and learning how to prepare things.

2) I am one lucky bastard right now.

I really don't deserve the girl I'm with right now. She is so nice, and goes out of her way for me; and I am just so lazy and will frequently judge how inconvenient it would be for me to go visit her.

1) I make plans that I have no idea I can actually go through with

Like PAX for instance.

And a bonus

0) I let what my parents will say decide what I do.
I hate being lectured by my parents, and I let them override what I want to do just to avoid them dissaproving of my decision. Even though I'm 20.

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