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JohnnyV's blog

10:37 AM on 03.07.2008

New video game term

It is an actual TRC? So there you have it: Quit a PS3 game by pressing the "PS" button and selecting "quit" and you've officially PS'd out. You fucking PSsy. This term has become the joke of the week around the studio ...   read

9:23 AM on 03.06.2008

Do beginnings in games suck?

So the latest Outlook thread-that-wont-die comes courtesy of uber-professional games site / Edge magazine whose columnist Mr. Biffo takes a minute to talk about how some of the beginnings in the latest rounds of ...   read

7:01 PM on 03.05.2008

Captain Kirk is gangsta...

Anybody that can make out with a green haired alien chick and then drop a nickel on their face is A-OK in my book.   read

11:09 PM on 03.03.2008

ZOMG Zelda movie!

I'm sure most of you have seen this (it has over a million hits) but it came across my radar so I thought I'd share it anyway. A couple of 17 year olds put together this fake trailer for a Zelda movie. Probably for their Tele...   read

1:24 PM on 03.03.2008

Season 4 is coming, the goose is getting fat...

Apparently the WoW's PTRs have been updated with more Season 4 gear according to MMO Champion. I'm really curious as to how Season 4 is going to work. On one hand Season 3 is just about complete if you go by Blizz' typical ...   read

12:59 PM on 03.03.2008

New Music Monday

Here is what all the cool kids are listening to. Any bets that "Run" will appear in Madden 2009? Gnarls Barkley: Run In the e-mail I got from their manager this past friday he mentioned that this version of the video has ...   read

6:30 PM on 03.02.2008

Original Xbox security mistakes...

I work around a lot of very smart people. Sometimes I invite the smart people over to my house for large parties, with hefty quantities of booze and cute girls. Sometimes when I have these parties the smart people like to bri...   read

4:06 PM on 03.01.2008

Sophie Likes Air

LOLers for a Saturday. This dog should try out for the next resident evil movie...   read

1:33 PM on 03.01.2008

I guess this confirms the obvious...

SFIV video featuring Sagat! The debate rages on as to which character's background we're seeing here. Does it belong to Balrog or an unannounced character that we should assume is actually a tranny...   read

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