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JohnnyV avatar 12:49 PM on 03.17.2008  (server time)
Totally game related...

This funny little video is getting passed around the office right now. Video Game Pitch Meeting 1979 is a hyterical take on what the early game industry concept pitch meetings must have been like... Right?

I'm lucky enough to have worked with a number of guys that were actually in the game industry during the time frame depicted in this video. Their take?

The video is a lot closer to representing types of meetings the guys in marketing had. Ha!

While I find the video to be quite funny, I think anyone worth their salt in the industry or otherwise should read up on the history of our favorite little past time. You'll realize that while there certainly was some crazy shit going on in the world, not everyone making these games was a total drug addict...

I've personally read The Ultimate History of Video Games, Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Video Games and Game Over and reccomend all of them. The first one of the bunch is really the best IMO. I ended up fact checking a lot of the stories in there and found them all to be surprisingly accurate.

Those of you who prefer pictures should pick up High Score! which has a lot of great photos and details about our little industry, and (if you can find it) Supercade is probably my favorite "ohhh pictures!" of the bunch, as it has over 400 pages of glossy photos and interviews with a lot of the arcade greats.

I'm not sure why this has turned into a rant about game history, but I think it's super important that people know it. I meet so many people that consider themselves "hardcore gamers" yet they don't know shit about the history of the industry. You can't be "hardcore" if you can't answer these questions, y'know?

One of my favorite 2-part interview questions has always been "What's your favorite game of all time and what is the greatest game of all time?" You can tell a lot about someone by their response. If it's anything within the past year I always tell them to GTFO.

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