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Johnny Luchador avatar 3:02 PM on 07.30.2013  (server time)
TO San Francisco...with Johnny Luchador. A Picture Journey

I went to San Fransisco the other day. You may be asking, "why did you go to such a place?" Honestly, I have no clue, I just wanted to run around like an idiot, and I accomplished this. For a full catalog of the adventure you'd have to be my facepage friend, but I decided to size down some of this adventure for you guys to see. Lots of Dtoid, lots of hilarity.
So lets begin this journey.

I arrive in Spencer Hayes's Car. It's small, but gets us around. Spencer is a example of video games making people good drivers.... He must have played alot of Twisted Metal

These two Gentleman are rather Comfy riding the scooter together. At least if I need a taxi the number is easy to remember.

In the South these are called Hardee's. California is full of hippy shit.

In my Hotel Room was a caster Phil and resident awesome chatter/dtoid commenter Skateallday

We found a radiopools as well.

Spencer is Straight out of Compton, or he likes to believe.

We went to go visit our friends over at Jon Carnage was really happy to see me.

Jamie, Jon's fiance, decided to put him in a drop toe hold.

That night we decided to get Burritos

This Mariachi loved us so much he played us Mexican love songs til we fell asleep on the street in the Mission. Zoeker had a Burrito

This is what San Franciscoites eat for explains alot.

They are some weird people. I mean just what the hell is this?

I finally found a friend who could understand me

But he made me a fool...he too was a San Franciscoite...cold and evil

I felt defeat...for I was all alone.

I consoled with Nelson Mandela. He was no help, he just stood there like some wax figure.

I looked at myself in the mirror to reflect on my future plans on what i needed to do to get out of this funk.

I asked our President for help..but he was too busy giving the San Fran homeless Cell I went to another group of friends.

After discussing with Slick Willy, and the Bush Twins, we came to agreement, that more Fun needed to be had.

For the Power of Moses was blessed on me for a unholy union of awesome.

He showed us the truth that Steve Erwin was actually killed by Rambo.

Our Tour guide Skateallday managed to sneak us on a Battleship.

Man ye Battlestations, for I just drove this bitch into the Pier.

For some reason I sang Perfect Strangers Theme song the whole time here.

We can do it people, we really can. The lady next to me agree'd.

That night, we went to Spencer, Phil, and Kenny's house to do the Gentlemans/RadShow on this is Marcus, he is their Swaggy Neighbor, he can twerk like no other.

Phil and Spencer love one another very much.

We sang the night away. You should check out that show, it was effin awesome.

We went to Dennys for Conrad/Jim/Holmes/Samit/Brett/Max/AliD/Steven's birthday...they were not there. But Spencer ate pancakes.

I played the Claw Machine with Scottie Pippin. We won all the prizes.

Zoltar told me my future that I would finally meet Niero and Hamza that day. After I met 6'10 Ben Pack.

This is Ben, he stands on top of the Hill looking over SAn Fran. He's tall, something something Rev 3.

I walked into the Niero's neighborhood, I admired his street art that he does when he's not keeping your website alive.

Niero gave us an address...but didnt tell us there was a door around the side. So if you ever go visit Niero, do not, DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR. IT's broke, it's held by a Rubberband. The lady who lives there doesn't speak english and swings a broom at you. She is not pictured in this adventure. But she has fire in her eyes.


I found this old thing inside.

Then I found this thing. Note: Hamza is just as sexy in person as he is on the internet. Just look at that seduction in his eyes.

Niero and I have the same watch, he has the biggest guns on the planet. 24 inch Hulk Hogan Pythons. Just look at that muscle. I also passed the torch of the old green luchador mask to him. He now can sit in his living room suplexing things.

Niero blurred this picture with his magic. Thanks bud.

When I go places, I go with a Posse so I look like some sort of Rapper. I brought many friends like Jon Carnage

Even Pico Mause showed up.

And Even more friends. Alot more not pictured.

We got Taco's at Nieros local taco mart thing, then we took a train with Niero to parties.

To the BAR!

The Bar wouldnt let me have a mask on/hat on. So after breaking kayfabe, having a drink, we went to the giant donut place to compete for Giant Donut wall of fame. Spencer has won 4 times. Phil has too.

The next day was Lucha/Mrs. Lucha time, no pictures here.

The day after we went to Japantown, and saw Animes.

Phil Approves

Spencer was so looking at Anime Porn.

We found Stella Wong in the Japan Town! She was the best.

Anywho, it was a rad trip, I'm tired. And I missed my ol Kentucky Home, but I believe I at least left my mark on San Fran. And I'm glad they accepted me as their Luchador King. Thanks to Phil, Spencer, Zoeker, Skate, Niero, Hamza, Niero's friend Rey Mysterio, Stella, Jon Carnage, Jamie, Pico, and the homeless guy who tried to rob me but only got punked out by me.

I'll leave you guys with this.

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