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Johnny Luchador avatar 8:03 AM on 04.19.2011  (server time)
Review: Mortal Kombat, Test your Might Edition

As soon as I got my hands on this, the amazingly bad theme song from Mortal Kombat the movie began playing in my head. It brought back memories of my youth when I'd be drug to Walmart with my mother, as I would break free as soon as I got there to run to the arcade to play this game that had people fighting to the death. Then as years went by, more of the series was released, I finally said, man, this game is boring and I hate that I have to have to remember directions to pull off moves.

At first I was skeptical because after playing games like Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Soul Caliber, etc, I had gotten use to the rolling to execute things on the d-pad. But as soon as I put this game in to my console and began the Arcade Ladder, choosing an old favorite Noob Saibot, it was a breath of fresh air. I had no clue what I was doing because I didn't have a booklet, but when I paused the game a glorious "moves list" showed up. Yes folks, you can pause at any point in the game, look up moves, fatalities, etc with this menu.

thank you moves set menu, for now I can pull people apart like tearing paper

Literally, I had no clue how to do anything, and within like 2 minutes, I was knocking the crap out of everyone who stood in my way. It was like I was possessed by the spirits of Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks.

yep, this movie DID happen
Either that or it could be that Noob Saibot is an extremely badass character, or I just got really good from actually having something show me the moves in an easy to pull off manner. I like to credit Piper and Blanks though because that is just awesome.

Mekhaniks: Warner Brothers and NetherRealms have raised the bar with this title. Everything runs very fluidly like a fine oiled machine on your grandpas cattle ranch where Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing is Produced and all the kids run around dipping celery sticks in all your hard work.
All the finishers are fantastic and surprisingly easy to pull off. The Combo system is rad, giving you some great chain moves, combo breakers and the "meter" at the bottom letting you pull off more powerful signature moves and the X-ray bone breaking moves - which can be executed by pressing the back two triggers once the bar is full. Which you can watch in this video I did - like 4 fatality spoilers here.

Awesome GAMEPLAY footage from me yea!

I only had 1 small glitch in the game while I was doing a Challenge Tower where I was Sub Zero and I was fighting Scorpion where after so many hits that you take you lose your arms, the game froze. It was probably the fact that I'd been playing this for 30 hours and Sub Zero froze the game so he could get a smoothie or call his mom and check in on her.
Test your Might, Sight, Strike, and Luck are in this game, all very fun minigames. The Test your Luck is pretty funny, I can't tell you how many times I'd have to battle with the screen upside down, no Jumping, missing my arms, and having Super Strength. But the best way to solve that is stand on your head and play that way. Thats how I did it...until I got a headache, and I realized you could press replay, and it would give you different outcomes.

But as we mentioned before the Challenge Tower is one of the more exciting features of this game. With 300 challenges, you'll have your hands full.

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand don't you think?
I give the Mekhaniks:
11 Dio's tryin to look like the Fonze

Graphiks: Beautiful is all I can say. Its so clean and the actions going on in the background can sometimes distract you from your fight because you're looking for "hidden" gems or waiting for Santa Claus to fly across the moon on the night time version of the Pit. One stage you're fighting in the streets and Cars are flying by on fire driving off cliffs and there's Dinosaurs shooting fire and Explosions.

I lost feeling in my eyes because it was totally uncanny with awesome. The Story mode is another thing that is not lacking on graphics and cut scenes. Trust Me, you'll think you've beaten it, then you realize you didn't, but you can stop playing it because it Auto Saves without telling you. - I did not know this and played it for about 6-8 hours straight. But because of my loyalty to marathon gaming and drinking a case of Little Rainbows

it kept me interested to finish it.
Dan "Toasty" Forden also makes his return after some successful uppercuts. I laughed as he's holding a piece of Toast with butter on it.

I give the Graphiks:

59712 TOASTY!!!!

Musik: I didn't pay much attention honestly, I heard a few ambient technoish songs, some orchestrated tracks, and the audio itself/voice overs were done well. However, not once did I hear

Mooooooooooooooooooortalll Kombat!!!
either way I'm sure the musik is good...I give the musik a

9.736 Babalities to the Future of Physical Challenges

Final Verdikt: There's a ton of content to this game, I spent well over 30 hours in it. With a Story Mode that will take you at least 6 hours to complete, Individual Arcade Ladders, Tag Ladders, Mini Games, Challenge Tower, and tons of unlocks, you definately get your moneys worth. Not to mention the Klassic hidden fights, including original Classic Reptile,
Noob Saibot,Smoke, and two others I didn't find. I won't tell ya how here, you'll have to figure out on your own...

Spoiler: arm got twisted. To fight Noob Siabot, if you see him hanging out in the background of a stage, win your match without using a single block. For Classic Reptile, at the Pit Stage at Night, get two flawless victories and do your pit finisher.(Santa Claus has to fly across the moon or you wont get to fight him). Smoke, in the hidden forest, If you see Smoke peak from behind the tree, hit Down and Back Button (or Select). Blammo Now you get to fight him.

So I say to anyone who either is on the fence, or wants a fun fighting game, go out and pick this up. You'll enjoy it.
I give this game

10 Cyrax's Break Dancing in a Subway Station

here's few more screens for shits and giggles

Baraka didn't catch the train in time

This time MK developers totally Killed It

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