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Johnny Luchador avatar 6:05 PM on 08.26.2013  (server time)
Pax Avatar: Adopt Me Please n shit rad.

Here is a VIDEO PLEAING to ADOPT ME, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Hi, I'm Johnny Luchador, Destructoids resident Luchador and's son of Jon Carnage and Rick Fuller.
I'm not going to PAX. Why am I not going to PAX? Hell if I know, but I'm not going. Probably because I'm a grown up who has a wife and responsibilities yada yada old person talk. So I figure that with the good will and fighting spirit you bastards have, someone could adopt my sorry ass at at least take a photo or two of you doing something completely dumb with my picture in tow. After said photo is taken, you can dump me like a cheap hooker. I mean like you can staple my picture to a bathroom stall or just toss it in a dumpster behind a Dennys. My feelings will not be hurt one bit.  
Here is an example of something stupid you can do with my picture

With such a factor, you will be presented as Grand Marshall of Rad Show for a cast and uh, I'll repay you by doing something dumb on the show like usual, but in your honor. I'm all about a true Gentlemanly Gesture from one of you the magical people here.
Amuse me. Also if you take my picture to Niero and say Lucha sent you at the Bar he'll buy you a Large Glass of Milk. Who doesn't like milk?
Anywho, That's my plea. If you want to adopt me, you can take this picture along with you on your journey. Try not to get too many autographs because when you walk around with this a bunch of loose women will try to "show you a good time". Don't be pulled in by their snake venom ways, for you don't need to get any sort of sexual disease while you're having fun at PAX.

I have a gigantic like bigger picture of this if you need a bigger picture. Or I can just mail the one I have of this framed in my bathroom that I look vainly at myself when I take a shower.
It's probably a good idea to Adopt me.

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