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Johnny Luchador avatar 9:45 PM on 05.23.2013  (server time)
Lucha's Thoughts: Xbox One/Ps4

Greetings shitbirds,
So all I've heard this week is, XBOX One, Xbox One, no Games, yadda yadda, It looks like a VCR, omg, I don't like TV, PS4 is better, PS4 gets my money, bitch bitch bitch. So Papa Lucha decided to educate the people with some gifs.
first off.
If you bitched, complained, said PC is better, PS4 is Better, Xbox One is better. Guess what.

You're totally falling into the frenzy/hype/disappointment/love/hate. You pull the trigger early and you act as if nothing is staged. This is all staged. Xbox One has been trending on twitter all damn week. It's a brilliant marketing ploy. And you fell for it.
Just remember folks, Any press is good press. The same thing happened with PS4. But instead we get, "but they showed games!". That's great and all, but you've got plenty of great games already, not to mention we've basically already seen these games at other events. So your argument here is best told with this.

I'll end up buying both systems because I'm your typical tech junkie who has to have the newest and coolest gadgets. I'll play my ps4 and be happy. I'll play my xbox one and be happy. I'll continue to play on my PC and be happy. It's not about systems, it's about entertainment and having a good time. Both next gen systems will provide that. Each will have their frills, each will have their frustrations.
I'm just as guilty as the rest of you guys. Society in this day and age is spoiled.

I truly realized this the other day when my father was forced into getting a Smart Phone. He calls me after supposedly walking around my house, looking through windows because he decided not to knock on my front door or ring my doorbell. "Guess no one lives at your house?" he states. I respond, "what the holy hell are you talking about?"
"No Lights on, windows are closed, it's like you live in an abandoned house" - he continues. "Dad, we were in the living room, I watched you walk by, and you looked blankly right at me" I inform him. "Well, I'm out front, I've got this new phone, I have no clue how to use it" he pleas. "yeah, mom told me they made you get rid of the flip phone" I continue. So I go outside to a man looking frazzled pushing the screen of his new phone. I hop in his truck and ask him what he needs to know. Which he responds, "how do I get voicemail?" From there I show him. Then I get the next following questions which I answer.
"Where is my clock?", "where is my calculator", " how to I make the phone vibrate so I'll know someone is calling when I'm on a tractor", "how do I check the weather", " whats text messaging", "why does the battery die so quickly", "the lady at the store said something about gps"
If you look at the beginning questions, they are all simple things that have always been on our phones. He could care less about fancy things, he just wants the things that get him through the day. This is the same man who has Andy Griffith as his ring tone, and has never changed it. The same man who I watched the show with as a kid, and I realized watching it that the world we live in is awful. People were kind, people were content.

So then I decided to show him all the neat things you can do. I showed him how to get on the internet. Now, he gets on my mothers macbook and checks the weather, looks at classic cars, searches for equipment, etc. But showing him he could do this on the phone was mind blowing. He complained about the size of the touch screen keyboard, which I agree'd because I get my big thumbs from him. So I said, "dad, you see that little microphone there? you can press it and say what you want to search for". He responds, "no shit?"  I press the button and say, "antique cars". 2 seconds later he has images and content from the web. He was speechless, until he presses the button and says , "Big Titties".

I love my father, and he raised me to be a hard worker, a person with a fire always lit in them, and an entertainer. He also showed me, yet again, that new technology is not bad. It's exciting. So if you're one of those people who are posting concerns and omg's and bitching and complaining about a new product before you've even test drove it, just stop. Sit down, and please, would you SHUT...The Hell...UP.

You're already writing a comment or downvoting. Congrats. I did my job.
Because in the end.

The More you Know.
Reading Rainbow.
Wu Tang 5 Ever.

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