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Johnny Luchador avatar 10:35 PM on 05.02.2013  (server time)
Contest: Internets Next Top Streamer, Boglin King Edition

Hi, I'm Johnny Luchador, Host of the Super Fantastic Video Game Rad Show: Get THere!
I've been a caster on for like god, since the beginning. I was forged from the Mysterious Jon Carnages' gooch. Never the less, I've been casting for viewers for about 2.5 years bringing you guys the strangest if not craziest things I could come up with every Sunday at 6pm (Gods Time Zone Central) 4pm (Hippy Time Zone PST)
If you've never seen my show, well, sorry because you've missed all sorts of crazy, like psycho ex girlfriend getting a tattoo of the grimace on her inner thigh because you had that one moment in the McDonalds Play Place.
I made it a point to go above and beyond with content every show. I even brought in my best friend Jason so the show could be even awesomer. Anywho, I would love to be your King of the Stream or Winner of the 2013 Streamer Royal Rumble. Honestly I've been reading Dtoid since year 1 and I've never won a contest. So I figured, what the hell, might as well showcase what you beautiful bastards have been missing. So here are some Highlights, over the past 2.5 years and also a full episode of SFVGRS:GET THERE with Jumpin Jason and myself playing Harry Potter on Kinect.

Horse Stacking Championships in Red Dead

We Found Manny Mouse. He needed Friends

So this is what Doors are used for.

This is why you don't let me play Wrestling Games.

This is why you don't let me play any game.

My First act of pure insanity on our very first series: Also Talks. Macbook Pro goes Kaboom with a Pick Axe.

The Very First Rad Show Get There, the start of the Destruction of video games.

We get Festive on Holidays.

Sometimes we don't even play games, we read books.

Two Best Friends, breaking games like normal

So I hope I have enlightened you guys, and I hope you appreciate what I do for
Thank you beautiful bastards for being a great audience, and I hope to see new faces around

Did I win the capture device?

Update you shitbirds: MORE VIDEOS!!!

Europe loves George Michaels

We make popcorn for Jamals Kids for Christmas

How to start your Cast

Oregon Trail with LT3

Batman Works at Starbucks

Mama Moses abandons her baby for French Bread

Update Update: Even more Videos you Silly Bastards!

Slenderman and George Michaels, the perfect mix.

Ever see a 11'11 guy play Basketball? Well on rad show you do. JJ Justice makes it to the NBA DRAFT!

36/m/Top Bear

Mexico Drift son, learned from Vin Diesel n shit

if you ask me to fill in for you, you might just get this for 2 hours.
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