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Johnny Burnes's blog

10:30 PM on 11.19.2015

RESIDENT EVIL 6! Or How I Learned to Stopped Worrying and Love the QTEs. UnPro I

Hello Destructoid people.It's been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened since then. I've started watching Jim Sterling's stuff.Was in the same room as him at SGC15 in fact. So thank God for that. Though I didn...   read

11:46 PM on 06.07.2015

SPLATOON MADNESS! Grossest thing I've ever done!

  Cthulhu's influence maybe? More like Darren Aronofsky. And FOR GOD'S SAKE, be it Cthulhu or otherwise, don't be influenced by me! Just watch my stuff! Contact me on the F-...   read

7:48 PM on 05.09.2015

CTHULHU VS NEPTUNE: An UnPro Session of Splatoon: Beta Part 1

  THE WAR OF THE CEPHALOPODS BEGINS!Yes I know you'd rather have full frame. Blame Nintendo!We'll see how well this works. Observe the war from afar on my channel: Contact ...   read

12:11 AM on 04.28.2015

WHAT'S KONAMI'S FUTURE? An UnPro Speculation

  I wasn't planning to do a vlog of this, but I had a few thoughts not mentioned elsewhere....Plus one of my lights went out. GO TOWARDS MY CHANNEL TO SEE THE LIGHT! Or at least some happier videos.https://www.yout...   read

8:55 PM on 04.26.2015

Very Brief Thoughts On P.T. and Konami's Future

(Originally posted to my F-Book ) I was going to post a vlog about #SilentHills, but it's not worth the effort I'm certain.What I'll say is, the release o...   read

7:43 PM on 04.14.2015

HOW SPECIAL? An UnPro Session of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces

  The Mortal Kombat beat em up before Shaolin Monks.Would Jaquiline Briggs be proud of her father's past? Go to my channel for some of my shameful past (I regret nothing!) C...   read

10:45 PM on 04.05.2015

A 2ND DEAD RISING MOVIE? The UnPro Review of Dead Rising: Watchtower

  A free to watch video game movie that debuted on hell? I talk plenty more about Capcom in my other works.Have a look will you? Watch the movie here:http:...   read

2:00 AM on 04.05.2015

NINTENDO YOU FOOLE! An UnPro Observation

  That's spelled correctly in honor of George Carlin. See my channel for more foolishness: Contact me on the F-Book: ...   read

3:46 PM on 04.01.2015

Brutal: Paws of Fury: The UnPro Tips!

  FINALLY! The tutorial everyone's been requesting! There's plenty more UnPro Tips and other gaming works to be seen! Contact me on the F-Book:   read

10:45 PM on 03.18.2015


  I should've made this video 20 minutes of screaming. Find 7 or more of my videos and your wish for entertainment will be granted: Contact me on the F-Book: https://www.fac...   read

7:40 AM on 03.18.2015

An UnPro Speculation of Nintendo's New Console & Mobile Games

  What games will they most likely make?When and how should Nintendo release it's new console?Can DeNA actually help Nintendo's online? My thoughts on these questions and more answered within the video you may alre...   read

12:42 AM on 03.16.2015

PRO Kindness With Charity Arcade!

  THEY'VE INVADED! To help humanity?Sweden gets a fantastic idea for charity! You can see my questionable ideas on my channel: Contact me on the F-Book: https://www.facebook...   read

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