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Hey what's good Robots... I really don't have a Fanboy class. I am too old for that bullshit to have a favorite console... Cough Nintendo Cough.. Anyway I don't own a motherfucking thing beside debt. The only thing i own that is remotely cool is my Wii and my car.. I am a broke ass college student that is finally graduating this year. I am going for News reporting.. I would like to be a host on a cool Gaming Network.. So if Mr. Niero or Mr.Ron "I fuck Sheep while Drinking Paps Blue Ribbon" Workman want to venture out to televison give me a call.. I am black so I know you guys can dig free labor...

I am really diggin the 360 alot more... So I might have to do some nude modeling for art students to get one...

I don't know how hardcore I am when it comes to gaming. I have a terrible habit of playing a game and not beating it all the way.. I just beat Metroid Prime last year and I bought it two years back..

But recently with the Wii. I been beaten games like I do my Meat.. Good shit huh!! The games I own on the Wii are Red Steel, Zelda TP, Harry Potter OOTP, ..

IIght Robots i am out...

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Ok before I get to the meat of this blog.. I need to know the name of this song, Ron had posted it on his blog and I can't find it for shit...

The movie is pineapple express which was a preview for Harold & Kumar 2 ( which I thought was super lame) The song appears around 1:30 if any one knows it hit me up with the name and title..

Now for the super lame part of the blog.:I am leaving D-toid for that journey down the aisle towards my college diploma. YAY!!!

Since using college was the only way for me to blog and talk bout games, but anyway

I just wanted to say thanks guys/gals for making my experience here on D-toid really a fucking blast...

I'm not big on writing a Wall o Text blog about how awesome D-toid is, so I just wanted to say Peace out Robots...

Also, cocks

Johnny Blaze
7:10 AM on 04.24.2008

Ok around 8 P.M yesterday I ran across the rumor that some key people left Retro studios. I read it on Sufer girl blog so i really didn't believe it that much.. PLus the wording on the blog was worded really weird...

I was hoping someone else might have found something on it before I would post it.. If this is true this sucks...

Today I typed in the rumor and IGN and Kotaku had something posted... But I tend to go with my own people...

Any way I was curious how true this is?

It seems High Voltage is taking a real shine to the Wii and I fucking like it... I might have
never known they made Billy and Mandy adventures, but they seem to be pulling a THQ and
aiming for the "Hardcore" in a major way.

I have this feeling when Wii ware comes out it is going to be 1000x better then actually
Nintendo third party games.

This game that is coming out for the Wii is called Gyrostarr.. The video really doesn't explain
what the goal of the game is, but the music alone makes me want to break out glow stick, X
pills and some Unicorn love humping...

Any way what do you guys think of the game...

High Voltage is making a real First Person shooter for the Wii that is going to be entirely
new. I think this might be a start of something really good and probably much needed. This
game looks to be putting some work for graphics whores. According to the article the
controls are supposed to mimc that of Metroid prime 3 and MOH2.

This game gives me a little bit more faith that devs know the hardcore crowd is wanting
more then Nintendo products. Even though i am not a fan of shooters this one might be

Copy and Olive Garden below:

It's called The Conduit and it takes place during present day. Washington D.C. finds itself
the epicenter of an extraterrestrial attack and it's up to gamers, as the secret service's
Agent Ford, to discover the truth hidden behind the invasion. To do that, he'll need a variety
of guns and the skills to use them. High Voltage calls The Conduit a straightforward first-
person shooter in the style of Halo, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 or Resistance: Fall of Man
basically, fast, run-and-gun battles and stylized weapons. The Conduit also features
advanced enemy artificial intelligence enabling "human-like behavior" and a special device
called the All Seeing Eye (or ASE), which, according to the studio, allows players to "reveal
concealed objects and enemies, providing a deeper level of puzzle-solving."
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Johnny Blaze
10:16 AM on 04.10.2008

Thank god, this game might see some damn daylight. I hope this is the game Reggie was talking about during the Gametrailer interview that hardcare gamers are wanting.
Anyone want to take bets if Disaster is going to be a hit or miss.


I love me some fighitn games there is something about being able to straight dominate on a fighting game. Games like Street Fighter 1& 2, Killer Instinct 1&2, Mortal Kombat 1-3 and Eternal Champions I would fucking own your soul. Probably not so much now, but I still have a strong love for those games. That's why I am excited as a nun doing her first gangbang about the new street fighter comming out..

The games listed only scratch the surface of one game I truly loved..

I loved this game growing up every one I knew hated this game, but I thought it was fucking great.. what fighting game do you know would let you just press up three times to do a finishing move. I find pressing up three times a whole lot better then the endless cardinal directions that Fatal Fury used for fireballs.

I really don't have much to say about this game. For some reason i really want it to become a download. I want to get all my old friends back together and yell "stop puching me in my Ballz, Asshole" Ahh I miss being twelve again...

Check it out below....