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Johnel Lance avatar 4:19 PM on 12.23.2012  (server time)
Top 3 Video Game Christmas Songs

Well it is that time of year and to get in the mood I always like to sit back and enjoy some good old tunes of the season. Of course at the same time I've been able to find the music that both increase my love of Christmas and gaming.

So I present to you my Top 3 Video Game Christmas Songs!

Why top 3? Becaus I spent way to many hours on a Christmas special for my other blog and didn't want to find two more songs to fill it out.

Number 3: O Meta Knight

I think I like this one due to the sheer random nature of it. It also has some good slapstick and the lines almost hit the level of non sequiturs provide much of the humour. Also what is with that clock around 2:11 in the video? Don't know why I brought it up guess it just bugs me.

Simple funny and standing at number 3 it is a very violent Christmas time.

Number 2: Pokemon by Siema

This one actually has a bit of a story behind it. You see I didnt' find this one on my own and was actually introduced to it by my father on his Twisted Chrimas Album. Also go look up the album itself for some non video game based songs.

Still I have to say this is the perfect song making me think about what my parents must have gone through at times just to get me the right gift for Christmas. It also a bit nostalgic for I did grow up in the intial Pokemon explosion and I can tell we kids were certainly clamoring for anything pokemon related.

A exploration of parenthood and what they will do for Christmas and their kids it hits number two.

Number 1: Brawl in the Family a Simple Request and others

Now if you haven't read the webcomic this came from called Brawl in the Family I request for you to go look it up now. It is enjoyable, well drawn, and has some great songs. In fact I decided to share the other four Christmas songs with you just because I liked them so much. Those being

Your a Mean King

Jolly, Happy Jerk

Ice World

and finally Carol of the Waa

So why did I consider A Simple Request better than these others? I guess I would say it is purely the vocal work. I don't know why but I like the singing voice given to Ganondorf alot and it even gave lines to four other Zelda villians that all had a voice matching what you would expect them to have.

Really though you could almost consider this a top eight for I do love the other four as well.

So for alot of laugh, great vocals, and an additive complusion to go Waa the Brawl in the Family songs get the top slot.

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