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Johnel Lance avatar 7:12 PM on 01.12.2013  (server time)
Sonic Fan Film Impressions

Okay so after what seemed like a long wait the Sonic Fan Film is finally up to be watched on Youtube and I want to give my thoughts on it. To save time and work I'm going to split it into a simple list of things I like and things I didn't like.


- The Robotnik actor they had for this did a brilliant job. Combining an actually ability to be menacing but at the same time ham it up for our enjoyment.

- Jaleel White is doing a good job being Sonic again even if it sound like he wasn't given much to do besides a few catch phrases.

- The use of the Gamma design for most of Robotnik's robots was a good idea being able to work against the live action setting but at the same time have a memorable and unique apperance.

- The cameos they used didn't over stay their welcome and weren't shoved into our faces too badly.

- They actually hired some extras. This is an improvement over the Megaman fan film were robotic destruction was cut with people just walking down the street and not giving a fuck. Extra's gives more believabilty that things are actually happening.


- Don't really get what is with the really pronounced quils in Sonic's head spike things. It is almost I guess a attempt at more realism in design but with the cartoon like nature of Sonic they could have kept it to just having them be these stay soild things.

- There is hardly any Sonic. Honestly most of the film spends it's time focusing on Robotnik, G.U.N forces we don't give a damn about, and basically anything else but our hero. I even mentioned it above that while it seems good voice work is being done I could just not have enough actually dialogue to base my assumption off of.

- The movie isn't a movie. Seriously it is 20 minutes long and even then it seems like there are scenes in the middle we are missing. I know the creators say this was just a spec film to show what a Sonic movie could look like but why not just make the movie? The thing is this just comes off like some over long trailer and all the dangling plot threads, unexplained motivations, and lack of any thing to be called an ending makes you feel a bit dissapointed for having watched it. Okay I also understand cost of the CG but still I'm sure there would be people willing to give some money for it.


It was an okay attempt, still like the Megaman film better, and I'm willing to wait and see what might be coming next from these guys.

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