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Ah yes the about you section were one must describe themselves in a short but somehow soul revealing manner. Yeah instead I think I'll just give you readers some music to enjoy.

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Well my Friends the final character trailer is here, seems I still get the honor of being the person on this site to break the story,  and I have a lot I want to talk about so let's get into it.

First I think this one did a great job of instantly making Yellow, you can call her Sir, stand out by having her be the only one with a unique color set this video. The rest surrounding her with red, black, and white including some visual styles from the last three trailers locations like the falling rose petals, a spotlight for the moon, and some fake trees like the ones in the Black trailer. It really was a visual treat and I can't praise that enough with a continuation of the stellar, okay so lip movement seems Sonic Adventure like at times, animation. In fact the trailer is also set to what seem to be remixed versions of the previous trailer songs throughout making it again feel like this is a character that is supposed to stand apart from the rest of the group.

Does this mean Sir is the "main" protagonist or at least our most focused on character? I don't know but if she is I'll at least has the most well done voice so far and I do like her character.

So the trailer begins with Sir entering a club and talking to someone named Junior. Junior for some reason made me think of Angry Joe in his Hitman review when I first saw him...

.. I don't know maybe it was just me. So Sir gets to start grabbing top character slot quickly by using the tried and true interrogation technique of crushing a mans balls with her hand. Seems she is hunting down our friend from the Black trailer possibly for the train incident. This of course goes over badly so she proves her skill by knocking Angry Joe for a loop to start a mook fight.

Then she continues to be my favorite with her weapon. Basically it is the Beowolf from Devil May Cry 3 with shotguns, that make the Halo shotgun sound effect, in them. Also she can make her hair glow like a super sayain. Anyways the moon shot from the first trailer is referenced again and she beats up some mooks but then two poorly voiced valley girls appear to fight! Voice acting aside the fight with the two is also very good but then... Angry Joe attacks with a bazzoka baseball bat!

It really did just make me sit back and go wide eyed at how awesomely silly this was getting.

Anyways she beats him with a super straight punch that seems to briefly make thins look like the Take On Me music video but then runs into Red!

Who is also her sister!!

Also Red has the worst fucking voice acting I've heard in years and is pregnant with White's baby!!!!!

Still to be completely serious Red's voice was awful. It actually hurt me emotionally to realize that was the voice coming out of the character with a gun scythes mouth. I'm really hoping that was some rush job and the actual voice acting in the show is better for this is starting to look like it could devolve into early anime dubbing but with better animation.

So final thoughts. I did like this trailer and despite the voice acting issues I am excited for the beginning of this series in July. So guess all that is left to say is...

~Yellow beauty burns gold..~
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