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Johnel Lance avatar 7:51 PM on 02.14.2013  (server time)
RWBY: White Trailer Examination

Okay so this isn't video game based but seeing as RWBY is a Rooster Teeth project let's talk about the latest trailer.

This one give us our first look at for until having definate info I'll just call "W" if I'm to reference the characters by a name.

Costume design is good for the genre it is in and if you notice there is a bit of red on the collar area. I theorize looking at the other trailer that it is most likely that the characters will incorporate a little bit of anothers color in their designs. It brings a bit of connection to the cast.

The fight scene this time is a one on one instead of the one against many approach of the last trailer to keep it fresh. I'd say what the new girls fighting style makes me think of is the Trickster style from the Devil May Cry franchise mixed with a bit of black mage skills. Over all I like it and this characters weapon being a rapier that seems to have some sort of "spell" modes feels unique.

The sound design is good but I found the music to be weaker than the previous trailer. Not bad in a way that distracts from the overall product but it isn't something I'd listen to on its own.

Over all, though I might not be able to catch it in Texas when it premires I can't wait to see the finished project up on the internet and wish best of luck to the team at Rooster Teeth

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