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Johnel Lance avatar 5:31 PM on 01.12.2014  (server time)
RWBY Episode 12 Review: PFCC

Yes after a long break of family, peers, work, and college I'm back to once again review RWBY. Well ok this is a long overdue rewrite of some initial thoughts I wrote on tumblr but Destructoid's always been so finicky when I try to write on it. Always an issue it is having I tell you.

Before we begin though riddle me this commenters. What is worse? An awful work that you could tell would be awful before even seeing it or something you had hope for but continues to disappoint at every possible turn?

As for this episodes it can be summed up in a few quick words which I will use as an outline for this review. Predictable, frustrating, curious, and confused.

Predictable: Without seeing any episodes that take place after this one I have two predictions that I can feel are 100% correct. One that the bully, stupid fucker, character is going to have some rushed resolution and it will involve monster attack of some kind. Two Blake is a cat girl and that is going to be a big reveal down the line. Despite with the introduction of faunas her design makes it so painfully obvious. Actually though they haven't addressed it the others know she is one I hope. I'm just saying if you share a room with someone you've probably figured out that the bow on their head isn't a bow. Though maybe they'll surprise me and the bow is a red herring and she is secretly Ms. Killer Croc.

Frustrating: First unless they are named Bulk and Skull I've almost never liked bully characters. Not even the like to hate them just downright wish they didn't exist. Like I said there is a rare example of when this character type can be down right but when it is wrong it just makes you wish to hit something it is so annoying. Also while I like the things we learn about Jaune this episode it seems for no reason other than conflict they have him become a dick to Pyrrha. No seriously I get his motivation but why have him suddenly be mean to her. I mean besides giving the reason for the bully to come out of nowhere and blackmail him. Also finally if he had to sneak his way into Beacon why does he not pay attention during class? Did they have two writers not talking for those two things? Doesn't make sense for him to be so lazy with the backstory we get.

Curious: Though I'm not the biggest fan of people with animal ears I'll admit the fauna might go somewhere even with Blake's obvious ties to the race. If I remember the news broadcast of poor budged really early on mentioned some sort of terrorist group related to them. So does that mean what Blake and that one guy, who if a fauna might be a ram or bull I can't tell, attacking the train in her trailer is canon and a terrorist act? Is she an undercover terrorist? Will we get an exploration of the line between terrorist and freedom fighter and how in Blake's case they might be using under aged operatives? Did Weiss really impregnate Ruby and is Blake tasked with killing their unborn baby?! Probably going to be disappointed with a no but I can hope.

Confused: This is RWBY right? I mean the story of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake? For apparently there is only 4 episodes left this season and Jaune feels more like the focus character. This show seems to be forgetting its own heroes. I mean I don't hate him or Pyrrha but at the same time it might be a bad thing I feel things about JNPR yet feel slightly empty towards RWBY. I'm hoping that this bully crap is wrapped up next episode and they start a story arc for one of the main characters to finish off the season. I mean a good one not the Weiss "I hate your Ruby" to "I respect you Ruby" to "I hate you again" to "I respect you again" thing she did earlier on. From what I can tell the most that did is get shippers really into the idea of mixing their strawberry and vanilla.

So I guess I'm aggravated but holding on by a thread at this point. If you want to leave a counter argument feel free and the next review should hopefully take under a month this time.

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