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Ah yes the about you section were one must describe themselves in a short but somehow soul revealing manner. Yeah instead I think I'll just give you readers some music to enjoy.

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Yes Pokemon a stable of my childhood since before I could spell childhood. Even today as a grown man with a manly beard I still play Pokemon in to the wee hours of the morning when I get the chance. So with college coming and my mind over dousing on nostalgia I decided to look back at the old games and see how they held up.

Of course what I didn't forsee was the diffrences a few genrations can make on your understanding of Pokemon. Mainly how back in the old Game Boy days the master of mind over matter was king.

Also Sabrina was a bit more Kinky but that's another time.

For you see back in the origional first gen games Psychic type was horribly broken. First Ghost the type intended counter to Psychics through a programming issue now did squat to stop the brain train from moving on through.

That and our only Ghost types were part poison so that might be part of the problem

Worse yet the other counter Bug types had not a single good move to actually use against the masters of bending tiny spoons with gray matter.

No Scizor to save you from a mind wipe that is for sure.

Oh did I also mention that there was just a blanket Special stat and that Mewtwo had the highest stats of the time and was Psychic type.

That and he is cool with commiting murder so sweat nightmares.

By now though you are probably asking yourself what this all means in the grand scheme of things.

Well it means nothing really it is just sometimes fun to look back at what you grew up with and see how different it was from what you remember now. So I hope you just sometime take an old catridge or a Rom and play those games of yesterday and think about how different things are now. Also for fun if you have a younger sibling tell them a couple of those urban legends we all thought existed as kids and keep them from the internet to drive them crazy. Actually now that I think about mabye we should take a look at those legends. If you'll excuse me there is research to be done.
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