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Ah yes the about you section were one must describe themselves in a short but somehow soul revealing manner. Yeah instead I think I'll just give you readers some music to enjoy.

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Note: This post has been redone to appear on the proper date of completion.

Okay so time to get started with Digimon World Dawn and have a bit of fun shall we?

Just a note for going on despite this being a bit of a playthrough I won't be showing every bit of dialogue this game has to offer. Why you may ask? Well not all of it is required and the writing can be a bit boring if I were to write it all down. Anyways from now on there is also the fact that All my thoughts will appear like this so lets go digiport open!

We are going to be called Lance because the limit to name length is awful in this game. Probably a issue with porting it over to the west. Anyways after that you are given four choices of starter pack.

There is the speed pack which comes Airdramon, Coronamon the universal starter, and Sinduramon the chicken deva. All packs come with early access to one digivolution tree because this game likes to tease you with the cool stuff.

Balance back with Risegreymon and Angewomon with the secondary being the exclusive evolution line. It is also notable for having two Ultimates instead of an Ultimate and a Champion.

The Japanese pack, no I'm not joking read the text, with Reppamon and Karatemon. Reppamon is the exclusive digivolution line for this one. Reppamon and Angewomon also both share the same intraining form to digivolve from but you are locked out of it for awhile and would still be locked out of one digivolution line at first anyways.

Finally the pack we are using for this playthrough the attack pack. It gives us Growlmon and Megaseadramon with the Growlmon line being exclusive. Why this pack you ask?

Well it certainly isn't because my every move is being watched or anything like that.

Anyways with our chosen pack it is time to give nicknames to everyone. Well okay Coronamon is staying that just because I'm unsure on him sticking around... never really liked him much and liked to put different mons on the team personally.

First off we have the Mighty Fred destroyer of our enemies and devourer of cookies!

Next is Mr. Fish because in accordance with 'mon let's play article 72F at least one creature must have a name that is a shout out. Now let's start the game...

...or get an info dump from someone we stop caring about in a few minutes. To summarize for the sake of my sanity when it comes to uploading pics.

In this game and its counter part Dusk there are two Tamer organizations. The NightCrow and the LightFang. Our character is a normal rank Tamer of LightFang, this also hints that there is no longer a rank limiter on high level digivolutions because we are packing Mr. Fish, and participating in a competition between the two groups.

We are in the Group B bracket with a NightCrow named Sayo already taking the Group A and this fellow here...

Holy crap is partner was just murdered in the ring!

Well I supose we'll go kick some digimurders ass next time...
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