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Johnel Lance's blog

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8:08 PM on 01.25.2014
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7:41 PM on 10.08.2013

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Ah yes the about you section were one must describe themselves in a short but somehow soul revealing manner. Yeah instead I think I'll just give you readers some music to enjoy.

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You know I'll admit sometimes being the negative review guy of RWBY is kind of like being a small beetle trying to shout at a tornado... in space.

Still I do hope someone out there realizes just what is wrong here.

What is wrong here mind is that a quarter of the fucking episodes have been wasted on this retarded, shitty, pointless, pile of putrid puss piss that they call a subplot!


Now then I think this time I'm just going to go over everything I have to talk about in list format.

- Bully Mcfucknuggets is starting to sound like a shitty version of Benny from New Vegas as if I didn't have enough reasons to hate him.
- The rooms really are coed so really hope someone has contraceptives at that school. Seriously the fuck Ozpin?
- No one does shit when the fact Mcfucknuggets is extorting Jaune is more obvious than Blake being a cat chick.
- Mcfucknuggets isn't even creative in what he has Jaune do. It is the same generic write my essay and get me prank shit every other show fucking does. Hell you could have at least had Mcfucknuggets secretly be a gangster or something interesting but no essay writing.
- Why didn't Nora break is legs?
- No what he has on Jaune doesn't matter for so far I'm pretty sure Ozpin knows and doesn't give a fuck. He moved someone ahead of schooling by two years because they beat up some robbers in the first episode remember? Ozpin clearly gives not even two fucks about the rules and regulations.
- Ruby finally gets lines. Unfortunately they are generic speech giving about being a liter and trying to shove her being "cute" down or fucking throats.
- Forever fall looks like the location from the Black trailer but is being wasted on shitty bully subplot.
- Mcfucknuggets wants revenge or some shit on Pyrrha for stupid macho bullshit.
- I'm starting to get sick of how fucking confusing the spelling of Pyrrha's name is.
- Jaune doesn't even get to hit Mcfucknuggets because of surprise Ursa attack.
- Ursa draws no blood nor in any way cripples Mcfucknuggets. Bad monster do better next time.
- All of Mcfucknuggets have the exact same run cycle and move at the exact same rate.
- What the fuck is with this stat screen bullshit I still don't get it.
- The shitty save the bully cliché is in full effect here people.
- No I don't care if the fight scene has good animation or not Monty Oum has been animating action scenes for years I don't give him points for that alone anymore.
- Finally despite killing the Ursa maybe being a chance for Jaune to be a man and kick some ass it is ruined by the kill apparently needing Pyrrha to reveal she is fucking Magneto to help him. You know instead of just letting him have the kill and not introducing more special super power bullshit I have to keep track of. Seriously the fuck. Also the joke they tried wasn't even funny.
- Pancakes.
- Jaune still doesn't get that Pyyrha wants the "D" and I feel it is going to get dragged out to the edge of the universe until he gets it.

So over all I'm pissed and the final two episodes have to make me see everything as a golden rainbow and make it so all food tastes like the most delicious chocolate for me to even think of having a net positive reaction to this series.

I really wish it hadn't come to this.

Yes after a long break of family, peers, work, and college I'm back to once again review RWBY. Well ok this is a long overdue rewrite of some initial thoughts I wrote on tumblr but Destructoid's always been so finicky when I try to write on it. Always an issue it is having I tell you.

Before we begin though riddle me this commenters. What is worse? An awful work that you could tell would be awful before even seeing it or something you had hope for but continues to disappoint at every possible turn?

As for this episodes it can be summed up in a few quick words which I will use as an outline for this review. Predictable, frustrating, curious, and confused.

Predictable: Without seeing any episodes that take place after this one I have two predictions that I can feel are 100% correct. One that the bully, stupid fucker, character is going to have some rushed resolution and it will involve monster attack of some kind. Two Blake is a cat girl and that is going to be a big reveal down the line. Despite with the introduction of faunas her design makes it so painfully obvious. Actually though they haven't addressed it the others know she is one I hope. I'm just saying if you share a room with someone you've probably figured out that the bow on their head isn't a bow. Though maybe they'll surprise me and the bow is a red herring and she is secretly Ms. Killer Croc.

Frustrating: First unless they are named Bulk and Skull I've almost never liked bully characters. Not even the like to hate them just downright wish they didn't exist. Like I said there is a rare example of when this character type can be down right but when it is wrong it just makes you wish to hit something it is so annoying. Also while I like the things we learn about Jaune this episode it seems for no reason other than conflict they have him become a dick to Pyrrha. No seriously I get his motivation but why have him suddenly be mean to her. I mean besides giving the reason for the bully to come out of nowhere and blackmail him. Also finally if he had to sneak his way into Beacon why does he not pay attention during class? Did they have two writers not talking for those two things? Doesn't make sense for him to be so lazy with the backstory we get.

Curious: Though I'm not the biggest fan of people with animal ears I'll admit the fauna might go somewhere even with Blake's obvious ties to the race. If I remember the news broadcast of poor budged really early on mentioned some sort of terrorist group related to them. So does that mean what Blake and that one guy, who if a fauna might be a ram or bull I can't tell, attacking the train in her trailer is canon and a terrorist act? Is she an undercover terrorist? Will we get an exploration of the line between terrorist and freedom fighter and how in Blake's case they might be using under aged operatives? Did Weiss really impregnate Ruby and is Blake tasked with killing their unborn baby?! Probably going to be disappointed with a no but I can hope.

Confused: This is RWBY right? I mean the story of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake? For apparently there is only 4 episodes left this season and Jaune feels more like the focus character. This show seems to be forgetting its own heroes. I mean I don't hate him or Pyrrha but at the same time it might be a bad thing I feel things about JNPR yet feel slightly empty towards RWBY. I'm hoping that this bully crap is wrapped up next episode and they start a story arc for one of the main characters to finish off the season. I mean a good one not the Weiss "I hate your Ruby" to "I respect you Ruby" to "I hate you again" to "I respect you again" thing she did earlier on. From what I can tell the most that did is get shippers really into the idea of mixing their strawberry and vanilla.

So I guess I'm aggravated but holding on by a thread at this point. If you want to leave a counter argument feel free and the next review should hopefully take under a month this time.

So I finally in some candy based insomnia got to watching another episode of RWBY to review. I watched episode eleven and the thing is despite being Juane focused well...

The issue is despite there being things I like this series seems to be diving so straight faced into cliché that it just kind of gets on my nerves.

I mean the series at first was revealed to all take place at a "special" academy, then we got the friendship work together stuff, then the over the top expressions, now there is going to be a tournament, there is also the pointless bully character that just eats your time, and they even got a chick with animal ears now. Animal ears that clips through hands too.

It is just at times like the writers watched a bunch of anime and just regurgitated the basics without doing anything with it. I mean I'm not saying it is the worst representation of these cliché elements I'll give it that.

The issue is though that it makes me so uninterested in watching the show I half the time think I should just wait until all the big fight scenes are compiled together and skip the plot entirely. Which I don't want to do but even if a show is known for its action scenes you should still be able to make someone give a damn about the context around that action.

[font=Times New Roman][/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Ok Destructoid is messing up all my text right now that I pre wrote so just go look up the article here... http://johnel-lance.tumblr.com/post/65596791718/so-i-admit-i-racked-my-brains-on-something-to[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]I'll get this fixed eventually.[/font]

Johnel Lance
12:55 AM on 10.20.2013

Yeah so I admit there have been a chunk of RWBY episodes coming out and I haven't been reviewing them but there is a reason. College has started back up and I have a job now so over all my time has been less. Then when I get free time I'm getting ahold of Pokémon Y to distract me or this weird alien thing called a social life I have now pops up.

I'll still review RWBY it will just be a much more when I have the time type of thing over a when the episode comes out a day later type of thing.

Beyond that I've been working on a Halloween piece for awhile now so that has been overriding what little writing I can do.

Also been thinking about doing an article on how Kreia is the greatest female character, if not greatest character, for another gushes article. So yeah let me know what you think about that in the comments.

Still if you want my random thoughts still in short bursts I do have a tumblr at..


I usually post something quick when I have the time or it is a boring class lecture.

So the Barenaked Ladies have a new music video and it is coming to us through Rooster Teeth. Now I could try and do a long form analysis of this song and meaning but instead I'm going to talk about my love of BNL and the connection to my childhood in my new segment Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes (JGASHL).
You see I first discovered BNL the same way many my age did...


Seriously at this rate I think I might try and play a personal six degrees with this franchise.

Now I'll admit this dub had a tendency to just shove popular songs into the movie at times and it is a little weird to see. I mean at least it was good stuff like this and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Actually come to think off the only bad song in the film was made for it last I checked.... which I'll be an angel of mercy and not link in this video.

So unlike most that probably forgot about it until going to college getting all nostalgic and looking it up on youtube someday I had my Dad.

Now my Dad introduced me to things like Dr. Demento and Weird Al in the past. In fact those who remember my Christmas songs list should remember that the Pokémon song in that is actually from a CD my Dad owned. So anyways when I expressed interest in the band he gave me to borrow both his copies of their albums Gordon and Stunt, both now burned to my hard drive for safe keeping, and a love affair was born.

I'm not really going to get into the history of the band or anything for I can either a. talk about that later or b. I might be writing something about them for another day. So instead I'll leave off with my opinions on this new song.

The result is I really like it. Now maybe after more listens it might change but right now it really has that feeling I like from them. Goofy but you can feel the meaning behind it. The video is also really funny pulling a great constant gag at juxtaposition that really ups the crazy to levels unseen in this type of joke before I think. Though a couple of zombie shots looked like stock footage from one of Rooster Teeth's other shows but it could just look similar and if so I don't really mind.

So yeah that is it. Listen to the song above about five times and then look more of their stuff up. I'd suggest Maroon as a good starting album if you don't go with Gordon or Stunt.