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8:08 PM on 01.25.2014

RWBY Episode 13+14 Review: Forever Fail

You know I'll admit sometimes being the negative review guy of RWBY is kind of like being a small beetle trying to shout at a tornado... in space.

Still I do hope someone out there realizes just what is wrong here.

What is wrong here mind is that a quarter of the fucking episodes have been wasted on this retarded, shitty, pointless, pile of putrid puss piss that they call a subplot!


Now then I think this time I'm just going to go over everything I have to talk about in list format.

- Bully Mcfucknuggets is starting to sound like a shitty version of Benny from New Vegas as if I didn't have enough reasons to hate him.
- The rooms really are coed so really hope someone has contraceptives at that school. Seriously the fuck Ozpin?
- No one does shit when the fact Mcfucknuggets is extorting Jaune is more obvious than Blake being a cat chick.
- Mcfucknuggets isn't even creative in what he has Jaune do. It is the same generic write my essay and get me prank shit every other show fucking does. Hell you could have at least had Mcfucknuggets secretly be a gangster or something interesting but no essay writing.
- Why didn't Nora break is legs?
- No what he has on Jaune doesn't matter for so far I'm pretty sure Ozpin knows and doesn't give a fuck. He moved someone ahead of schooling by two years because they beat up some robbers in the first episode remember? Ozpin clearly gives not even two fucks about the rules and regulations.
- Ruby finally gets lines. Unfortunately they are generic speech giving about being a liter and trying to shove her being "cute" down or fucking throats.
- Forever fall looks like the location from the Black trailer but is being wasted on shitty bully subplot.
- Mcfucknuggets wants revenge or some shit on Pyrrha for stupid macho bullshit.
- I'm starting to get sick of how fucking confusing the spelling of Pyrrha's name is.
- Jaune doesn't even get to hit Mcfucknuggets because of surprise Ursa attack.
- Ursa draws no blood nor in any way cripples Mcfucknuggets. Bad monster do better next time.
- All of Mcfucknuggets have the exact same run cycle and move at the exact same rate.
- What the fuck is with this stat screen bullshit I still don't get it.
- The shitty save the bully cliché is in full effect here people.
- No I don't care if the fight scene has good animation or not Monty Oum has been animating action scenes for years I don't give him points for that alone anymore.
- Finally despite killing the Ursa maybe being a chance for Jaune to be a man and kick some ass it is ruined by the kill apparently needing Pyrrha to reveal she is fucking Magneto to help him. You know instead of just letting him have the kill and not introducing more special super power bullshit I have to keep track of. Seriously the fuck. Also the joke they tried wasn't even funny.
- Pancakes.
- Jaune still doesn't get that Pyyrha wants the "D" and I feel it is going to get dragged out to the edge of the universe until he gets it.

So over all I'm pissed and the final two episodes have to make me see everything as a golden rainbow and make it so all food tastes like the most delicious chocolate for me to even think of having a net positive reaction to this series.

I really wish it hadn't come to this.   read

5:31 PM on 01.12.2014

RWBY Episode 12 Review: PFCC

Yes after a long break of family, peers, work, and college I'm back to once again review RWBY. Well ok this is a long overdue rewrite of some initial thoughts I wrote on tumblr but Destructoid's always been so finicky when I try to write on it. Always an issue it is having I tell you.

Before we begin though riddle me this commenters. What is worse? An awful work that you could tell would be awful before even seeing it or something you had hope for but continues to disappoint at every possible turn?

As for this episodes it can be summed up in a few quick words which I will use as an outline for this review. Predictable, frustrating, curious, and confused.

Predictable: Without seeing any episodes that take place after this one I have two predictions that I can feel are 100% correct. One that the bully, stupid fucker, character is going to have some rushed resolution and it will involve monster attack of some kind. Two Blake is a cat girl and that is going to be a big reveal down the line. Despite with the introduction of faunas her design makes it so painfully obvious. Actually though they haven't addressed it the others know she is one I hope. I'm just saying if you share a room with someone you've probably figured out that the bow on their head isn't a bow. Though maybe they'll surprise me and the bow is a red herring and she is secretly Ms. Killer Croc.

Frustrating: First unless they are named Bulk and Skull I've almost never liked bully characters. Not even the like to hate them just downright wish they didn't exist. Like I said there is a rare example of when this character type can be down right but when it is wrong it just makes you wish to hit something it is so annoying. Also while I like the things we learn about Jaune this episode it seems for no reason other than conflict they have him become a dick to Pyrrha. No seriously I get his motivation but why have him suddenly be mean to her. I mean besides giving the reason for the bully to come out of nowhere and blackmail him. Also finally if he had to sneak his way into Beacon why does he not pay attention during class? Did they have two writers not talking for those two things? Doesn't make sense for him to be so lazy with the backstory we get.

Curious: Though I'm not the biggest fan of people with animal ears I'll admit the fauna might go somewhere even with Blake's obvious ties to the race. If I remember the news broadcast of poor budged really early on mentioned some sort of terrorist group related to them. So does that mean what Blake and that one guy, who if a fauna might be a ram or bull I can't tell, attacking the train in her trailer is canon and a terrorist act? Is she an undercover terrorist? Will we get an exploration of the line between terrorist and freedom fighter and how in Blake's case they might be using under aged operatives? Did Weiss really impregnate Ruby and is Blake tasked with killing their unborn baby?! Probably going to be disappointed with a no but I can hope.

Confused: This is RWBY right? I mean the story of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake? For apparently there is only 4 episodes left this season and Jaune feels more like the focus character. This show seems to be forgetting its own heroes. I mean I don't hate him or Pyrrha but at the same time it might be a bad thing I feel things about JNPR yet feel slightly empty towards RWBY. I'm hoping that this bully crap is wrapped up next episode and they start a story arc for one of the main characters to finish off the season. I mean a good one not the Weiss "I hate your Ruby" to "I respect you Ruby" to "I hate you again" to "I respect you again" thing she did earlier on. From what I can tell the most that did is get shippers really into the idea of mixing their strawberry and vanilla.

So I guess I'm aggravated but holding on by a thread at this point. If you want to leave a counter argument feel free and the next review should hopefully take under a month this time.   read

7:21 PM on 11.01.2013

RWBY Episode 11 Review: The Boulder Feels Conflicted

So I finally in some candy based insomnia got to watching another episode of RWBY to review. I watched episode eleven and the thing is despite being Juane focused well...

The issue is despite there being things I like this series seems to be diving so straight faced into cliché that it just kind of gets on my nerves.

I mean the series at first was revealed to all take place at a "special" academy, then we got the friendship work together stuff, then the over the top expressions, now there is going to be a tournament, there is also the pointless bully character that just eats your time, and they even got a chick with animal ears now. Animal ears that clips through hands too.

It is just at times like the writers watched a bunch of anime and just regurgitated the basics without doing anything with it. I mean I'm not saying it is the worst representation of these cliché elements I'll give it that.

The issue is though that it makes me so uninterested in watching the show I half the time think I should just wait until all the big fight scenes are compiled together and skip the plot entirely. Which I don't want to do but even if a show is known for its action scenes you should still be able to make someone give a damn about the context around that action.   read

2:03 AM on 10.31.2013

Halloween: Memories of a Very Strange Time

[font=Times New Roman][/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Ok Destructoid is messing up all my text right now that I pre wrote so just go look up the article here...[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]I'll get this fixed eventually.[/font]   read

12:55 AM on 10.20.2013

Update for October

Yeah so I admit there have been a chunk of RWBY episodes coming out and I haven't been reviewing them but there is a reason. College has started back up and I have a job now so over all my time has been less. Then when I get free time I'm getting ahold of Pokémon Y to distract me or this weird alien thing called a social life I have now pops up.

I'll still review RWBY it will just be a much more when I have the time type of thing over a when the episode comes out a day later type of thing.

Beyond that I've been working on a Halloween piece for awhile now so that has been overriding what little writing I can do.

Also been thinking about doing an article on how Kreia is the greatest female character, if not greatest character, for another gushes article. So yeah let me know what you think about that in the comments.

Still if you want my random thoughts still in short bursts I do have a tumblr at..

I usually post something quick when I have the time or it is a boring class lecture.   read

7:41 PM on 10.08.2013

Barenaked Ladies "Odds Are": Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes

So the Barenaked Ladies have a new music video and it is coming to us through Rooster Teeth. Now I could try and do a long form analysis of this song and meaning but instead I'm going to talk about my love of BNL and the connection to my childhood in my new segment Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes (JGASHL).
You see I first discovered BNL the same way many my age did...


Seriously at this rate I think I might try and play a personal six degrees with this franchise.

Now I'll admit this dub had a tendency to just shove popular songs into the movie at times and it is a little weird to see. I mean at least it was good stuff like this and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Actually come to think off the only bad song in the film was made for it last I checked.... which I'll be an angel of mercy and not link in this video.

So unlike most that probably forgot about it until going to college getting all nostalgic and looking it up on youtube someday I had my Dad.

Now my Dad introduced me to things like Dr. Demento and Weird Al in the past. In fact those who remember my Christmas songs list should remember that the Pokémon song in that is actually from a CD my Dad owned. So anyways when I expressed interest in the band he gave me to borrow both his copies of their albums Gordon and Stunt, both now burned to my hard drive for safe keeping, and a love affair was born.

I'm not really going to get into the history of the band or anything for I can either a. talk about that later or b. I might be writing something about them for another day. So instead I'll leave off with my opinions on this new song.

The result is I really like it. Now maybe after more listens it might change but right now it really has that feeling I like from them. Goofy but you can feel the meaning behind it. The video is also really funny pulling a great constant gag at juxtaposition that really ups the crazy to levels unseen in this type of joke before I think. Though a couple of zombie shots looked like stock footage from one of Rooster Teeth's other shows but it could just look similar and if so I don't really mind.

So yeah that is it. Listen to the song above about five times and then look more of their stuff up. I'd suggest Maroon as a good starting album if you don't go with Gordon or Stunt.   read

2:50 AM on 09.28.2013

RWBY Episode 8+9+10 Review: President Taft or Yo-yo Character Growth

So back again into the world of RWBY to review another three episodes in a row. Now lately I've been getting exposed to more anime and some more current series through an anime  night they do at the local card shop I frequent. This of course has colored my perceptions of a show like this that takes many of the outer designs of the medium into itself. As such this week I'm more positive towards the series but at the same time I'm not elated as I maybe should be. Also this is the ending to one anime I was exposed to called Free.

Just look at. I think this is what yaoi fangirls see every time they close their eyes.

Anyways on with the actual review.

So we end the saga of our characters fighting in the woods with Episode 8. This is actually one of the longest episodes to date primarily because it has a large fight scene with the giant scorpion monster and a giant bird monster.

In fact I think it might be sign that if you see a long episode it is most likely that there is to be a more elaborate fight scene.

Though at the same time I'm a little lost one some of the power these creatures had. For in this episode both the giant bird and scorpion require a full team of four to beat each yet in the last review we saw two giant snakes being killed by Revolver Sloth. So is he just more awesome? Is there a classification system? Are they making it up as they go? Does the difference between mammal, bird, reptile, and insect affect things? Can you cast summon bigger fish in this universe?

This episode also seemed to spell some character development of Ruby and Chazz actually starting to get along.

Beyond that we also learn more about Nora. First I finally figured out what she is. She is Pepper Potts from the Iron Man Armored Adventures TV show. No seriously it seems like they have the same personality. Heck just wait to see if she starts text/contacting in some form everyone constantly. Also her weapon is a grenade launcher that turns into a gravity hammer. I have no complaints for that is a cool weapon.

Anyways at the end we also see were the title comes from. The classes when grouped into teams are named after the combination of their first initials. Though in this the names are actually sounded out meaning RWBY is said as Ruby.

Though there is a brief scene were it implies Mr. Clockwork Orange from the first episode has some sort of evil plan to set into motion. Not that it plays into the next two episodes at all.

First I would like to say that they now have a generic uniform model. I hope this means more modeled extras for the future.

So this first half of The Badge and The Burden involves team RWBY decorating the shared room they are going to have. In what could be the shortest 80's style montage ever. Though that might be because there is only the length of the average 80's montage for the whole episode.

 We only focus on team RWBY for if we focused on team JNPR (Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Lie Ren) we'd have to point out how the facility is possibly damaged for letting teenagers share a room coed. Honestly I wonder how many coed teams have disbanded in the class due to sudden pregnancy.

Also we get to see that the students are taught here by President Taft!


Yeah bet you didn't see that bombshell coming did you suckers?! Well ok I think he is supposed to be a reference to Peter and the Wolf by his name of Peter Port but screw that he is President Taft.

Episode ten is easy to sum up.

1. Chazz fights a pig monster and changes into her battle outfit out of nowhere.
2. Chazz and Ruby's relationship has its character development undone over leadership or something.
3. Chazz and Ruby's development is back to status quo in a couple of minutes.

Yeah besides hinting at Oz making some sort of mistakes in the past nothing really feels accomplished in this episode.

So yeah that was RWBY for the past few weeks. I hope no one is disappointed by the new format but if you want me to do weekly one episode reviews with more in depth analysis feel free to mention it in the comments.


Yang= Sir
Ruby: Destroyer of Nature
Weiss Schnee= Chazz 
Glynda Goodwitch: McWitchanimetits
Oz: Wonderful Wizard of Washington
Nora: Hyperactive Ear Lashing Lady / Pepper
Lie Ren: Revolver Sloth
Peter Port: President Taft
Extras: Anti Spiral Clone Army (ASCA)   read

3:41 AM on 09.20.2013

Update: Next RWBY Review and Apparently 14 Year Olds Can't Cry

So yeah first things first RWBY will have the next review when Episode 10 hits Youtube and will cover 8 and 9 as well for the one sea sponge waiting on that.

Now I thought about doing a long form paper on this but it is late so for now I would just like to bring it up.

See I want you to read the first thing in this article from Cracked...

Also when it was just by Cracked Staff I should have known.

Now I like Cracked at times but the first item on this list really messed with me. Now I might have an issue with the other listed items, except Other M because well Other M, but I just want to talk about something mentioned in the first one.

Basically for some reason it makes a claim that Ellie's emotional break down after hacking up the face of someone that tried to violate her is sexist because she does it around Joel.

I will repeat that apparently a 14 year old girl freaking out after hacking the face of somebody up after almost being violated is sexist of the game makers because there is a male character that she is breaking down to.

It is baffling that out of all the more real cases, Other M, you could really talk on the first thing is to drive right into stupid town were context, character, and logic don't matter. Well that and apparently the 14 year old girl doesn't count as a child but whatever.

So yeah this was probably a ramble and I might do a better run down some day but for now leave anything you want to say in the comments.   read

8:22 PM on 09.17.2013

Lance's Burning Dawn: Sayo and Savers Three

Ok so going to be an interesting post today but first on with the boss fight.

What is interesting about this fight is that my mascot starter didn't die this time. Which is harder than you think for the AI seems to prioritize killing the member of your team that is weaker by half than the others every time I've played this and Dusk. It doesn't even give enough experience for him to level up so it isn't throwing off the what comes next either. Now Sayo's team is interesting for that while Machgaogomon is a starter in Dusk Lilamon is in none of the starter packs. Same thing in Dusk in which the rival, a male named Koh, has a team with Rizegreymon, yeah it is spelled with a "z" I don't know why, and Angemon. Still for some it might be a good idea to go into the menu and alter how your Digimon are spaced out. For as you can see both you and your opponent have Digimon on a five square plane. Having them close can have your Digimon give stat buffs to their allies but as seen in the fight it also leaves you open to multi area attacks.

"Of course that flower hussy was nothing against me!"

"Humble as ever..."

[u]"Seems like you and Sayo will...[/u]

Yeah I kind of hate how the text boxes in this game never will allow for a full thought. Also when I'm underlining text it means I'm trying to fix that issue without taking twice the screen caps.

By the way spoilers but he isn't being honest here.

If you are wondering the one you are from is Sunshine. Also I like how when they salute both Ophanimon and Chaosgallatmon look like they are cracking their skulls with their own shields. Anyways a floating red robe is started and we give chase.

"With how varied we Digimon look how can they tell he is shady?"

 I'm more curious if they really think "settle down" was a good idea to try and get someone to stop or there was a issue in the localization.

So he decides it is in fact going to be up and teleports out.

She and Glare talk about being worried about the cities and weirdness in this server. You actually get to see Julia's reason for worry in Dusk because hooded guy will first show up in its tutorial section. Which isn't the tournament but you being attacked by Vilemon in one of the maps before going to fight your rival. Though you stomp Newton into the ground first thing in both games.

"If you consider three boring curb stomps and only one semi good fight worthy pretty boy..."

"And you wonder why our tamer is still normal rank."

Yeah tamer rank was a way bigger deal in the last game. It was part of the plot and restricted your max digivolution level access at first. Yet in this game there is no super important reason to rank up, though we still will, and if you grinded enough you could maybe get a mega before the second boss. Also ignore those two they are just the bronze tamers they don't really contribute to this scene.

Blah blah there are sightings stuff we didn't know about...

He doesn't have to yell. Also instead of just saying keep quiet about the hooded thing why tell the normal rank tamer more sensitive information. Why not just plop me down in front of the big red button while you are at it.

We'll get a look at what that is in our Tamerhome...

Next time.

Though before we go I thought I would share my opinions on the three Digimon stars of Savers seeing as they were all represented in this part. Also fun fact despite appearing on the box art for Digimon World DS their full digivolution lines are not available in that game.

So first is the redesigned Agumon and his digivolution line of Geogreymon, Rizegreymon, Shinegreymon, and Shinegreymon's Ruin/Burst modes. Now I've got nothing against the Agumon redesign it wasn't a season that was as redesign crazy as Xros Wars, Fusion, and it still is an Agumon. Geogreymon is basically just a thinner Greymon with spikes. Rizegreymon is pretty cool actually with much more streamlined cybernetics in comparison to Metalgreymon and he has a giant revolver arm which is just awesome. Shinegreymon is ok but I somewhat wish is alternate forms, beyond Burst mode's flaming shield plus flaming sword of fire, were more than their basic appearance of recolors with a bunch of energy surrounding parts of them. It is kind of the same thing with how Imperialdramon Paladin mode is just Fighter mode with a cool sword.

In the show Agumon was almost more side kick to the hero Marcus Puncher of Universes and would always refer to him as boss. Also he liked to eat an egg dish which I think they called it fried eggs in the dub. Though Shinegreymon did get an interesting upgrade before burst mode.

Called the Geogreysword. A blade with a kick ass design that was straight up useless in every appearance beyond the first one. Really makes you wonder why they even put it in the show.

So next is Gaomon, Gaogamon, Machgaogamon, Miragegaogamon, and respective Burst mode. Gaomon is basically for his first three forms acting as a stand in for Gabumon during that season of the show but Miragegaogamon does break that trend somewhat by having a more knight like appearance. Though why he has the hazard symbol of Guilmon's digivolution line on the nose of his chest face is beyond me. Also he has my favorite burst mode with how it looks really unique to the other stages and that moon flail is pretty rad.

In the show Gaomon was also sidekick like to Thomas his partner with always calling him sir but the loyalty was presented a bit differently from Marcus and Agumon in the tone. Also I remember him being a bit bashful at moments which made me crack a smile.

Next is Lalamon, Sunflowmon, Lilamon, Rosemon, and Burst mode. Once again Lalamon is a stand in for its season acting for Palmon and even shares the same Mega form in this case. Design wise Lalamon is similar to Palmon with the small plant head thing, then more monster like weird champion, to slight fetish fuel, and the mega for Lalamon dives into straight fetish fuel. Don't believe me well look at what Rosemon has for a special move in the show...

Just look at that. I mean they got kind of pervy with Ryo's sword being powered up at the end of Tamers but it starts to get ridiculous. Actually after Tamer's in general it seems the amount of cheesecake per season is on a constant rise. With Xros Wars I think hitting some critical mass by Lilithmon in the Death Generals arc.

Now for Lalamon's character in the show.... I can't recall any. Honestly the rising cheesecake actually seemed at times to match up with a decrease in female character depth sometimes

Still that is all for now tune in next time to see more Digimon World Dawn and leave any comments you have especially if you want to yell at me for the comments about Rosemon.   read

1:41 PM on 09.14.2013

Lance's Burning Dawn: Spam TriRevolver Got It

So where were we. Oh yeah got to go meet the chief and enter the tourney.

So anyways meet Chief Glare and Ophanimon. They appear to have been in the middle of giving a pep talk to a bunch of characters we don't care about. Ok maybe that is mean but this game does have an issue of having a large supporting cast of people we don't care about. Also Glare is actually a guy incase you can't tell for I couldn't when I first played this game.

After talking to Glare just go up to the transporter pad to have your entire body destabilized just to enter an arena so we can fight the Night Crow tamer Newton.

You don't miss much with Newton's weak smack talk or the talking heads above you. That and during every fight during this Glare and Ophanimon give you tutorial exposition. Mind you think with my character rocking two Ultimate levels he'd know all this already. Still to summarize you can attack, use items, change the spacing of your team, and ect. standard stuff. Also meet the new team of Conner, Kimberly, and Daggeron. Why the team change? Well honestly when I restarted and got my files all working I had to restart and I had an idea for the team you all will see later. Now it is time for the epic battle of revenge against the evil...


... or Conner can just one shot him. I blame myself more. In the regular DS game before this you had to be Sliver Rank just to use an Ultimate but here I am rolling up to the Normal Rank tourney with two of them.

That you are a loser who will never amount to anything?

"What is he doing?"

"Who cares I want to hit something this time!"

Hey look an actually Ultimate level. Well unlucky for him it sucks. Anyways as you might notice some Digimon have different numbers of attacks. In this game it is split up in that you have four main attacks and then the signature move of whatever species of Digimon you have. You also have some attacks that hit more than one space and some that hit multiple times. Later we can even get to the attacks that hit multiple squares multiple times to really break the combat. Also it is recommended in this game to use digivolution trees to mix and match what you get to use.

"Ha we go beyond the impossible!"


"Shut up!"

Also trying out team banter let me know what you think.

Honestly look at all those critical hits. Also as you could see from Kimberly's attack there is some type advantage at play in battles but I admit to not giving it as much attention in this franchise. Also take a note of the exp gained for in the DS games experience is connected to the type of Digimon fought. Now any exp will level you up but some of the later digivolutions are going to require you to grind a specific type of exp in order to unlock it so keep that in mind.

"It was boring they couldn't even throw a single  good attack."

"I'm sure it should be a cake walk for you... as long as the bribes went through."

"For I can't let you do that Light Fang."

 Yeah notice that at times text boxes don't always finish the thought so it is an argument between taking even more screenshots or letting it be. I chose the easier one.

"Chaosgallatmon! Oh please sign my helmet please please please...."

Ahem if we may continue.

"Overpowered just like you are. In fact here she comes now."

You might be asking yourself did I just cut a middle out of her dialogue to make her sound dumb or is it this games localization because they stopped localizing games shortly after the one right after this. The answer is yes. Anyways Sayo is your rival no matter what gender you choose and in Dusk it is always the male Koh. Sayo is somewhat of a disappointing rival. Like the rival in Ruby and Sapphire level disappointing.

"Night Crow we bounce."

 I'm just going to spam TriRevolver but ok.

Relax it is just the tutorial I'll be fine.

Which we'll find out next time.

But for now it is time for Digimon fact of the day.

Did you know Chiaki Konaka the head writer for Digimon Tamers also wrote the 13th episode of Zero Two featuring a plot inspired by the Lovecraft body of work and featured the Digimon Dagomon...

Though it seems the people in charge pulled the darker story lines he had planned making it one of the strangest cliffhangers in the Digimon franchise. One can only wonder how the season would have turned out if he was in charge back then.

On top of that he also did the much darker Serial Experiments Lain.

So that was your Digimon fact of the day thank you for tuning in.   read

12:23 AM on 09.14.2013

Lance's Burning Dawn: Update

Hey remember that Digimon World Dawn thing I was doing? Well in between writing about RWBY I finally decided to get my software working again and am brining the run back. Though with a different starter team this time for I forgot and then I was already having a thing with how I was team building going so I decided to keep it that way.

Though to end this I would like to show a new feature coming to how this run will be presented to you the public....


2:43 PM on 08.30.2013

RWBY Episode 5+6+7 Review: Want to see my aura snake?

[Note: As always there is a nickname guide at the bottom of this post so you can keep track of what I'm calling everyone.]

Yes After all this time I decided to straight up do three episodes of RWBY at once which is beyond my initial announcement of two I know but really the issue with these episodes feeling more like scenes that are being released in small bits grows and it becomes harder to write up a full blog post of information based on that.

In fact this episode is probably one of the worst offenders in that instance but it has redeeming qualities.

So the basics for this episode is that everyone falls from being thrown of the cliff by the Oz the WWoW, who may have worked for the Mishima Zaibatsu seeing what is teaching strategy is like, and then Ruby runs into Chazz.

There are little things I enjoyed in the scene of the fall though. Our new friend the Revolver Sloth from last episode shows off his dual bladed pistols, Ruby becomes murderer of birds, Sir rocket jumps, and Pyrrha in the style of a sixth ranger can transform her melee weapon into a rifle. Finally when Ruby has a little run down of who she can pair up with the thought bubble is down in the style of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures which did make me smile a bit.

Also we see our first look at the enemies in episode at the end. They keep the wolves from the Red trailer but now they have bone like armor and spikes. It is interesting and yes I know that they are in every trailer but I'm trying to base it off of just when things show up in episode.

So over all and ok episode so onto number six.

First a quick summary of Sir's scene in this episode.....

(Also I see what you did having her fight big boney bad news bears. Oh also she has a twitter apparently )

So beyond that the beginning of this episode is a good bit of character dynamics between Chazz and Ruby. We get to see that Chazz is too reserved while Ruby is overly reckless and as such this causes a clash that makes them ineffective in fights. Also Ruby almost causes a forest to burn down and appears to hate trees in general. As such I dub thee Ruby Destroyer of Nature. Still it has some character beats and gives something to look for when future episodes start to develop them.

Thought majority of this is Pyrrha telling Juane about aura which really is just the basic energy field/ki/chi/bioelectric field/flavor of the week. Though instead of it just being long strings of words we get to watch Revolver Sloth fight two giant snakes. Sure unsure of why giant snakes but I stopped caring when he stabbed on in the eye with its own fang and made the things fucking head explode. Seriously that is what I came into this show wanting to see right there.

Anyways at the end we learn Juane has a great access to aura after Pyrrha touches him to bring out his great essence to the surface by temporarily joining her own...

Though over all good episode let's move onto the last one.

Well another short one at hand.

So not much happens. We see Sir and Blake actually get along. Ruby and Chazz argue. The other two aren't seen. McWitchanimetits disapproves of the team ups. Then finally Juane and Pyyrah find a giant scorpion. Not much but there is promise of a boss fight next time so that is something.

So yeah so far despite complaints the series is improving and I can't wait to talk about the next episodes with you all.


Yang= Sir
Ruby: Destroyer of Nature
Weiss Schnee= Chazz
Jaune= [s]DLI #3856 [/s]
Glynda Goodwitch: McWitchanimetits
Oz: Wonderful Wizard of Washington
Nora: Hyperactive Ear Lashing Lady
Lie Ren: Revolver Sloth
Extras: Anti Spiral Clone Army (ASCA)   read

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