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JohnHeatz avatar 4:08 PM on 01.06.2014  (server time)
Become the Emperor of Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls Online

According to a recent report by OXM, The Elder Scrolls Online game director Paul Sage revealed that players will be able to assume authority positions all over Cyrodiil, going from the Archmage to even the Emperor of the whole land.

The path to become the Emperor is long, and tough, but has its rewards…

During your journey on The Elder Scrolls Online, there are plenty of paths to take, and plenty of things to do, PvP being one of the most attractive. By killing other players, healing allies, or taking control of a keep will help you move up the ladder, as these actions will grant you “Alliance Points”, as well as the usual experience and the always important loot.

That’s the first step to take, in case you are ambitious enough as to want to become the Emperor. After that, you’ll have to start conquering territories in order to expand yours, and unlock different perks for your alliance at the same time. When one alliance has the most points conquers all the keeps around the Imperial City, the one player with the most points will be crowned Emperor, and that will grant him, or her, some lifetime rewards for achieving that milestone.

"Players who become Emperor will get a full skill line that they keep throughout the rest of their lives in The Elder Scrolls Online, it won’t be easy to become Emperor, but we think people will be glad they worked for it”

If, by any chance, you lose your position as Emperor, which for sure will happen quite a lot, this set of imperial skills won’t disappear; however, they won’t be as effective as they were during your reign.

Prepare for war, as politics over Tamriel are done this way.

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