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12:45 PM on 07.30.2008

Ken Levine is a Twat. That's what he said?

According to this and this, Ken Levine takes great pride in being an asshole and "pretentious twat" We all know Mr. Levine as the big boss man at 2k Game Boston. They made a little game called Bioshock, you may have heard of it. While in England for Develop Conference 2008, he shared how the development process has changed.

Along the way, he felt the need to share how it was hard form some members on the team to work with him. Well, you know, because he's an asshole and all. Some members actually left the team because of his personality. He also talked about how this was a problem for his wife. I had a hard time with all of this. Was this a fucking therapy session or Ken Levine comedy hour? Whatever it was, it was sheer brilliance. I can totally empathize with you Mr. Levine. Assholes are infinitely cooler than nice people. You "pretentious twat"   read

3:05 PM on 07.28.2008

THE Soul Still BURNS! So-Cal Stories.


I used to be a huge fighting fan back in the day, but I haven't played a really great fighter in some time. The Soul Edge/Calibur series is by far Namco's staple fighting game (fuck Tekken) and one of my favorite fighting games. When the beloved Dreamcast came out in 09/09/99 Soul Calibur was more or less my life for about two months. It was my sophomore year in high school and I played the game non-stop.

I mastered characters like Mitsurugi, Ivey, Cervantes, and Siegfried. The game was amazing. Well, about a month after the games release my friend Will wanted me to come over his house to play a little VS. Things went south after about the first 20 mathces, I was beating the shit out of will and relentlessly taunting him. I was just being a dickhole about my wins. Will had a crazy temper. He would often just let loose a string of expletives when shit wouldn't go his way. Me and my friends would just point and laugh.

So the score after about an hour on 3 rounds per match is 43-12, I mean I'm humiliating the hell out of the poor guy. I was getting such a kick at watching him convulse violently trying to pull moves. He was one of those tools who really got into the game, and would movie with the characters actions. I still think he was actually slightly retarded. Will eventually reached a boiling point.

This is where the story gets great. This kid gets up and sledgehammers the fuck out of his Dreamcast with his fists. He just pummels the ever living shit out of it. He then proceeds to slap a lamp shade across the room scaring his cats to death. He sits back down and says "I can't do this, anymore"

I didn't say word, I seriously thought I was going to die that day, instead I have the greatest gaming story of my life to share with you guys. Will's Dreamcast met its demise that fateful day some nine years ago. But, he did manage to revive it in time for Skies of Arcadia. He had to play all of his games with the lid of the DC open. A constant reminder of the day she almost left him.

Will and I remained friends throughout high school, then he left fro the west coast. No hard feelings. I'm sure he's somewhere beating his girlfriend and asking her to make sandwiches. The kid had serious anger issues. That being said, I'm ready for Soul Cali 4. I just hope it provides me with as much entertainment as the first one did. Two and three sucked ass. Oh and I'm new to destructoid. This site is amazing.   read

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