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John B's blog

7:52 PM on 03.28.2013

PAX East 2013: Destructoid community at E&C

I'll just let this video speak for itself. :)   read

9:46 AM on 03.28.2013

More PAX East 2013 pics

MR. DESTRUCTOID!! Katamari braving the cold on opening day Always trust Dr. Zed even if he doesn't have a real medical license Me with Oscar Jilsén, developer of Sanctum with my signed copy for winning a contest to...   read

8:04 PM on 03.26.2013

Some PAX East 2013 photos

Dean Dodrill and Alex Kane, creator and writer (respectively) of "Dust: An Elysian Tail" with the lead character Me with "Reverend" Anthony!! Well, hello-o-o-o-o-o, Moxxi! Me with the "Major Nelson" podcast team Th...   read

8:01 PM on 03.15.2013

The Ultimate Mario Wedding Cake

When you see something like this, does anything need to be said?   read

5:46 PM on 04.13.2012

PAX East 2012 - Bohemian Rhapsody

Words cannot describe the awesomeness that this night had for us. Unfortunately, I can't embed video into the article, so I'm afraid that I can only post a link. Click here for Destructoid PAX East 2012 awesomeness   read

10:20 PM on 04.05.2011

Whither The LAN And The Bots?

For more than ten years, some friends of mine and I have gotten together every Friday night – as much as the Internet allows – to do some first-person gaming. We’ve reached a point where if we don’t have our gaming sessions o...   read

10:01 PM on 03.23.2010

Let's help Topher to get a Wii! -- ENDED

UPDATE -- Thanks to everyone who has responded to this; however, while Topher has made it clear that he's very appreciative for the effort, he requests that we don't keep going with this. Because that is clearly his wish, I'm...   read

7:40 PM on 09.19.2009

I got a role on "Flare"! Anyone else?

WOW! A little while ago, our own unbelievably hot Colette posted an article about the upcoming independent game Flare, stating that the developer was also looking for voice actors, artists, writers, and so forth. Well, I'm ...   read

8:14 PM on 08.17.2009

When Gaming Loses Its "Fun" Factor

(Note: This is actually a smaller version of my article on Bityard, a web site that I write for. But it definitely applies here. I don't know if it qualifies for an "I suck at gaming" entry, and frankly I'm not trying to g...   read

3:40 PM on 02.26.2009

The original Duke Nuke 'Em at GOG!

I hate sounding like some kind of a GOG sales rep, but in fairness I did submit this to the D-toid guys this morning. The front page has been pretty busy with other stuff. So, I'm not surprised that they didn't get it poste...   read

1:15 PM on 02.13.2009

15% off racing titles at GOG

Seeing as how the Dtoid staff don't consider this to be worthy enough to let everyone else know, I'll just do it here. I got an e-mail today that GOG, our favorite inexpensive, DRM-free game company, is offering 15% off of f...   read

9:10 AM on 01.12.2009

Another Amazon Gold Box video game day

Turns out that today is another video game day for Amazon's gold box deals. The deal of the day is the MyCoach series for the DS. Looks like they have at least a game for each main console including PC. Might want to take ...   read

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