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JohZho's blog

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JohZho avatar 8:13 PM on 04.07.2009  (server time)
Hello, my username is obviously JoZo...


I find it hard to sit down and read a good book... but if I ever do finish a book, it would have to be something I'm really interested in. ex. Ender's game, simple but still pretty good IMO. I kind of prefer art books over novels because of the inspiration I get from it, I also enjoy what the artists have to say about each piece.

Junk food varies from Japanese junk food and candy to chips and soda, cant have enough soda... Meals usually consists of a bowl of rice and some other Chinese side dishes, usually pork, fish, and some veggies. [Yes, I am Chinese... Cantonese to be more specific -_-]

-Need not say it, but of course, video games!!
-Robots!! Mecha!! etc. etc. [this obviously includes gundams and the likes...]
-When there's an interest in robots and mecha, there will always be an interest in model kits, toys, and such.... AMIRIGHT?
-Drawing, usually fan art, kind of slow on being original these days...
-METAL SLUG, need I say more?
-MO games (applies to multiple genres)
-Art books of various anime and games
-A lot more types of video games that are not listed above. Metroidvania perhaps?

-Rich people who waste money on stupid things [instead of video games of course... haha]
-People who waste money on awesome things they cant use correctly
-Rhythm games that have 85% of its japanese music replaced by lame ass american songs that stink ex. Taiko drum master.
-Newb audience calling out "you got owned" when it was in actuality a good fight between two people with similar skill levels.

You can find me in:

FC: 2019-9397-8638

SN: gunhosan

Games for steam I own that are MO:
[sadly thats pretty much it... barely play much of those two these days though]

[same user name with same ol display picture, heh...]

UN: otakubell [my account is catching dust.... I'll get things up once I can scan my drawings. dont expect awesome drawings lol its like... YEARS old]

Random WTFs that happened to me.
Out of boredom, I doodled some TF2 stuff in a lecture room where random classes gather up, some random dude that I dont even know had the guts to say "oh, that sucks" out of nowhere... I would have bursted out with a "THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME AND MAH DRAWINZ" but that would have caused too much of a scene...

Another WTF moment was when some random guest came in one day, I greeted him because my parents told me to. My Wii was just sitting there on the living room and the guest was all like, "you like video games? thats cool -thumbs up- I see you got a 360 right there" I laughed and replied, " no, thats a Wii, I just put the 360 sticker on it for jokes" so far two people has fell for it some how -_-;; the sticker makes it a Wii60 :D

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