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JoeDiamond101 avatar 6:54 PM on 05.13.2014  (server time)
Child of Light: Confessions 5-8

Confession #5

They say the Four from out of darkness came,

Mahthildis shaped cruel nature with her art,

The surging ocean Cynbel's math did part,

Rambert spread his wealth upon the barren plain,

Erin's spear lit the highest peaks aflame.

They say at the explorers' heart

Lies the Secret of Ages to impart.

Through its fire the wilderness they did tame.

But if all was dark, from whence came their spark?

Light dances along a chain, flaming bright,

Spreading out to bridge the cold empty night,

Star to star trailing blooms of red hot fire.

Such a path must span our sky's blackened arc,

Leading to another dawn, a lost light.

Confession #6

My eyes wide, mirrored back, I touch the glass.

Here, by my hand, Cynbel's daughter exiled,

Enemy of Lemuria reviled.

Painted smile, loyal Oengus made her pass.

Path closed to all but the criminal class,

Decreed since the ancient Rift was styled,

A forbidden reflection, untamed, wild,

Fit for those beneath, the chaotic mass.

On this side nothing moves, calcified.

The explorers went in search of vision,

Yet with tradition we ourselves imprison new,

Frozen, a reflection of the past.

The Secret lies beyond my gaze, a journey vast,

The glass I touch, tough I do, then fall through.

Confession #7

Smoke boils black, fire slides on twin slicks of ice

Through cities hot, ideas dance in the bars at night.

Oculi unheard of, forgotten light,

Invention shapes an engine, dream device.

London's exhibition halls visited thrice,

The salons of Paris lit with paintings bright,

Munich makes music of transcendent might.

These wonders of Europe more than entice.

But between glimmering bulbs most wander, lost.

The men here come and go, cloaks tight in distrust,

The women tie their throats shut.  All know only cost.

One wears red, one blue, in flocks split they rust.

Only the few whose gaze burn clear of frost

I will with Lemuria's secrets trust

Confession #8

Love dissolves in the daylight, lost night's scent,

A hand open in the candlelight begs

Mine.  I turn away, wick burned down to dregs.

Tzars, kaisers, princes, their charms on me spent,

At dawn my heart returned what was leant.

Time's harsh touch owns me, whipping at my legs,

The Secret steps ahead, guild to me time pegs

To abate Lemuria's fast descent.

But day has its shadows, nooks under rocks,

Someone no secrets knew who explored not.

Time has its watchmaker, can stop all clocks,

A meek duke trembling, gentle hands drawn,

One dance banished all light and night caught.

You stood in the way and eclipsed the dawn.

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