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5:16 PM on 05.18.2014

Child of Light: Confessions (Reflection)

So for those that have followed my Confessions blogs up to this point thank you, for those that haven't, go ahead and read through them either via the blog or via the game then return here to comment.  If you haven't played the game, play it or watch a playthrough, read the confessions then return.  The blogs don't contain what I would call spoilers but in order to not get in trouble for spoilers people may think to be spoilers I encourage you to not read any further into this blog, previous blogs, or comments within the blog discussion due to spoilers, in short...SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Ok, now that all that is out of the way lets get on with the discussion. 

After reading and writing these confessions and playing through the game extensively I've grown quite fond of this game and the way it delivers itself.  There's a bit of lore that's only slightly covered in the dialog within the game but I think the Confessions add a bit more.  This blog is to sort of discuss and reflect on the Confessions and who is speaking through them and the time frames contained within the Confessions. 

So from here on, I encourage everyone to stay away from subjects like the rhyming, difficulty, two-character limit in battles, stuff that just screams flame war.  I believe these are all good things to discuss about the game and argue about, but I would like to stick to discussions about the lore within the game no matter how little or how much you believe is contained.

Hope this makes sense to everyone, hope to see some interesting things in the discussion.

Thanks   read

5:01 PM on 05.18.2014

Child of LIght: Confessions 13-16

Confession #13

For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

This evening, while I was hunting for apples (don't worry, I

used the drawings of the poison-free ones in the book), I saw

a floating castle in the distance.  I suppose the Queen of Light

lives there?  Wonder what it would be like to rule over the

wilds of Lemuria.  From the map I can see it's a pretty large

place.  It's taken me days of wandering and I've only seen a

fraction of Old Lemuria.  What is outside the Old part?  What is

the rest like?  Maybe I'll get to explore it all.

Hopefully, once I find you.

After roasting a couple apples on the fire, I'm using the dying

flames to explore Balthazar's book.  I'll just write these as I go:

~Fairytales aren't so taleish, (Even saw a gryphon


~Mysterious explorers built cities here a long time ago.

~Some are still populated!

~Sophie Aston Ellis


For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

I heard strange sounds in the forest again last night.  I am

worried that someone from The Club followed me.  I found

the hut exactly where it was marked in the book.  But you

aren't here.  Where are you?

~Sophie Ashton Ellis

Confession #15

For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

I've spied a group of men with funny beards picking plants in

the forest.  They look a little like the gnomes my aunt perches

on the branches of her Christmas tree.  From the book, I

suppose these are Capilli?  I noticed something I missed in

the pages this time.  A race that lives in the mountains and

bathes in hot springs called Amara.  You've circled it.  That's

where I'm going next.

More notes from THE Baltazar:

~A powerful secret was hidden somewhere, although there

seem to be a lot of secrets, at least to me anyway.

~The Hollow Pact.  A betrayal that led to some kind of war

between family lines.  Cased by, or about, the Rift.

~Afterward, someone from Cynbel's line was expelled into

our world by a Queen of Light and cursed to live in darkness

if she returned??

~The Rift??  Something in the 1300s.  Must be important.

~Sophie Ashton Ellis

Confession #16

Mr. Elme,

It's worse than I thought!  Two men followed me through the

mirror.  They're after you.  Please find this!  Or better yet, I hope

you're far away.  One of them has a gun.  I am leaving the

hut and heading up into the mountains, into the snow.

If you're there, keep warm, I'm coming.


3:25 PM on 05.15.2014

Child of Light: Confessions 9-12

Confession #9

The mirrors thrown open, the search begun,

All these years and the answer is laid plain,

It was not hidden in the archives of Spain.

The Secret of Rome is far more than one.

All they left behind at the Fall on the run

For Lemuria we now must reclaim.

The Explorers within their kingdom vain,

A prize dropped in ruins lost from the sun.

The future bright, first follow the starry night,

Professor Balthazar's manuscript

Holds a clue, if read under Erin's rite.

But will it close the Rift, one world unite?

Time fades to evening, still closer shadows drift.

Who makes this right?  Not me, you, my Child of Light.

Confession #10

For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

I'm not sure anyone here can even read English, so I figure

this letter is safe.  I found the Balthazar book after you

disappeared.  The police gave up looking for you, But I knew

better.  I followed your trail.  But I didn't expect this.  At all.

I just heard a noise, I'm worried someone's coming.  I'll write more later

~ Sophie Ashton Ellis

Confession #11

For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

I took a bath in a stream for the first time in my life today.  I

went under to was my hair, and when I came back up a

small creature about the size of a rabbit was looking down

at me.  It was perched on the surface of the river itself!  I

Thought Manhattan had hard water... This place is over the

moon.  I guess I better get used to it.  I am starting to think I

will never find my way back.

I hope you're out there somewhere.

~ Sophie Ashton Ellis

Confession #12

For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only,

There is a raging storm outside, unlike any I have ever seen.

Water spirits wander through the torrents of rain, wailing.

Deafening crashes light up the violet sky above the plains, I

am not sure if they are caused by thunder or dragons.  I've

hidden in a small cave for safety.  Clothes are drenched, but

I managed to start a fire.  Nothing to do but wait, so I'm

taking the time to comb through Balthazar's book.  Here's

what I've learned about Lemuria so far:

~ Lost continent (I found that one online before I came).

~ You get to it through mirrors.  (Not certain whether traveling

through time as well as space.)

~Magic is real.  Oh man, is this one like the bullet point to

end all bullet points!

That's it for now, the fire's dying.  What an adventure this is

turning out to be!  I hope my parents are okay.

~ Sophie Aston Ellis

6:54 PM on 05.13.2014

Child of Light: Confessions 5-8

Confession #5

They say the Four from out of darkness came,

Mahthildis shaped cruel nature with her art,

The surging ocean Cynbel's math did part,

Rambert spread his wealth upon the barren plain,

Erin's spear lit the highest peaks aflame.

They say at the explorers' heart

Lies the Secret of Ages to impart.

Through its fire the wilderness they did tame.

But if all was dark, from whence came their spark?

Light dances along a chain, flaming bright,

Spreading out to bridge the cold empty night,

Star to star trailing blooms of red hot fire.

Such a path must span our sky's blackened arc,

Leading to another dawn, a lost light.

Confession #6

My eyes wide, mirrored back, I touch the glass.

Here, by my hand, Cynbel's daughter exiled,

Enemy of Lemuria reviled.

Painted smile, loyal Oengus made her pass.

Path closed to all but the criminal class,

Decreed since the ancient Rift was styled,

A forbidden reflection, untamed, wild,

Fit for those beneath, the chaotic mass.

On this side nothing moves, calcified.

The explorers went in search of vision,

Yet with tradition we ourselves imprison new,

Frozen, a reflection of the past.

The Secret lies beyond my gaze, a journey vast,

The glass I touch, tough I do, then fall through.

Confession #7

Smoke boils black, fire slides on twin slicks of ice

Through cities hot, ideas dance in the bars at night.

Oculi unheard of, forgotten light,

Invention shapes an engine, dream device.

London's exhibition halls visited thrice,

The salons of Paris lit with paintings bright,

Munich makes music of transcendent might.

These wonders of Europe more than entice.

But between glimmering bulbs most wander, lost.

The men here come and go, cloaks tight in distrust,

The women tie their throats shut.  All know only cost.

One wears red, one blue, in flocks split they rust.

Only the few whose gaze burn clear of frost

I will with Lemuria's secrets trust

Confession #8

Love dissolves in the daylight, lost night's scent,

A hand open in the candlelight begs

Mine.  I turn away, wick burned down to dregs.

Tzars, kaisers, princes, their charms on me spent,

At dawn my heart returned what was leant.

Time's harsh touch owns me, whipping at my legs,

The Secret steps ahead, guild to me time pegs

To abate Lemuria's fast descent.

But day has its shadows, nooks under rocks,

Someone no secrets knew who explored not.

Time has its watchmaker, can stop all clocks,

A meek duke trembling, gentle hands drawn,

One dance banished all light and night caught.

You stood in the way and eclipsed the dawn.

11:45 PM on 05.11.2014

Child of Light: Confessions 1-4

Confession #1

The centuries have been unkind to us,

Gods forgotten within white temples fade,

Under lidded eyes the palace sits, frayed,

Doors closed, behind bleached rooms gathering dust,

The gilded throne's gleam muted by dull rust.

Rings worn into still walls chart neglect laid,

Strata of history cleaned by no maid,

No breeze, Mirrors shut, glass mottled with must.

The Explorers stand still, statues bleached white,

Eyes lidded, heads empty as the room.

Plans fade for a future repainted bright.

Pristine comes unclean without a fresh flight,

The past reigns, skeletal, holding a blank slate,

The gleaming potential of a tomb.

Confession #2

Our bodies cut like dragonflies the air

Dividing, parceling the winds for later,

To unwrap carefully under the stair.

Like bark our skin stores fire's blinding blue flare,

Earthquakes our bones shake at their equator,

Arced light from the sky dances in our hair.

Gifts all hidden beneath surface willpower,

Raging rivers subterranean, pure,

Water tapped before the Explorers' Tower,

By wild ones, keepers of magic power.

They alone divined the deep source obscure,

Their grasp taught Lemuria to flower.

Yet instead of giving, we build cages,

And bury truth, hid our world from the ages.

Confession #3

Some say an idea can be dangerous,

Like creepers in the garden so serene,

Beneath sprawling plants twisted unseen,

Exposing buried heads insidious,

Uprooting order created for us.

Frenetic vines dividing stone and stream,

Intent on sacrificing virgin green,

And turning tended rows to wilderness.

But what of those who nurse the garden fair?

The curious bees darting bloom to bloom.

From outside the garden's limit they be,

And bring abundant life to nature's womb.

Their fearsome sting may cause the meek to flee,

But tangled creepers they coax to bear fruit.


Pen scratches paper, the first to attack.

Some lines end, ink out, well impotent, dry,

Others drip, ruining many an I.

Some run off the page and never come back,

Others bleed, cloaked in gowns of black.

Father above son, rarely crossing wives,

Boxes in pairs line up to die.

All burn as they sign the Hollow Pact.

Treaties, trees and battle plans end the same,

Under one roof executed, spell cried,

Our kin ambushed in Cynbel's name.

Family strikes out family, for crowns red dyed.

Ink on paper drips down brows like rain,

Poison pen plants a forest of pain.

11:23 PM on 05.11.2014

Child of Light: Confessions (Introduction)

Not sure if there's any demand for these to be read but having just finished the game and having just read through all of the Confessions I felt it might be cool to write them down for people to read should they feel like.  For those that haven't finished the game, don't worry, there doesn't seem to be any spoilers within these confessions, most of them touch on the culture of the world within the game.

I'm not sure what they add to the story but they were cool to read.  The first 9 Confessions are told by someone important to the story (trying to avoid spoilers) while the other 7 are letters written by someone from the future.  If there's anything people feel like discussing about these confessions feel free to post in the comments, just know that comments are completely open to spoilers so read with caution.

I'm not sure how much room these blogs allow (as I don't write many) so I think I will post four blogs with four Confessions each, I will also try to write one blog a day over the next few days. 

Enjoy :)   read

1:54 AM on 05.06.2014

10 Things About Me!!! (Edit: Pictures added)

First time Dtoid blogger here and figured this would be a great ice breaker of a topic, so lets not delay and get on with 10 things about me:

1.  I'm a huge Batman fan


(I know its Joker not Batman but still...its related)

2.  I have a Yin and Yang Batman and Joker tattoo on my shoulder blade


3.  My favorite video game is Super Metroid


4.  I also like (as in genuinely like) Metroid:  Other M (gasp :O)


5.  I own 5 consoles that include but are not limited to the Wii, Wii U, Xbox360, XboxOne, and PS3.

6.  I love video a lot


7.  I work at Round Table part-time

8.  The rest of the time I attend classes at Butte College

9.  I'm studying Business Administration with the hopes of a Masters Degree from Chico State.

10.  I have been a member of this site and avid reader for about a year and a half
And there you have it people, 10 things you now know about JoeDiamond101.  Hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it.   read

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