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Child of LIght: Confessions 13-16

Confession #13 For Mr. Elme's Eyes Only, This evening, while I was hunting for apples (don't worry, I used the drawings of the poison-free ones in the book), I saw a floating castle in the distance.  I suppose the Queen of ...


Child of Light: Confessions 9-12

Confession #9 The mirrors thrown open, the search begun, All these years and the answer is laid plain, It was not hidden in the archives of Spain. The Secret of Rome is far more than one. All they left behind at the Fall on...


Child of Light: Confessions 5-8

Confession #5 They say the Four from out of darkness came, Mahthildis shaped cruel nature with her art, The surging ocean Cynbel's math did part, Rambert spread his wealth upon the barren plain, Erin's spear lit the highest ...


Child of Light: Confessions 1-4

Confession #1 The centuries have been unkind to us, Gods forgotten within white temples fade, Under lidded eyes the palace sits, frayed, Doors closed, behind bleached rooms gathering dust, The gilded throne's gleam muted by ...


About JoeDiamond101one of us since 8:10 PM on 08.24.2012

My name is Joe. I got into gaming at a very young age, possibly 5 years old, all I remember is playing the Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong Jr., and Super Mario Bros. 3, and quite frankly, I haven't stopped.

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