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JoeCamNet avatar 10:22 AM on 07.02.2009  (server time)
A change in my life could be good for you...

I've been going through a somewhat bad period in my life.
I've always been a heavy guy. Husky, big boned, whatever you wish to call it. But for the past few years things have been getting bad. I've been packing on weight pretty steadily without really noticing.
There was a stretch with one job where I was losing weight, but an injury ended up stopping that position and the weight I lost came back with some more added on.
This has lead to a few problems. First off I have gout. It's a buildup of acid in your system. The body can't process all of the acid so it crystallizes and lodges in your joints, usually in the ankle or toes. It is INCREDIBLY painful... On top of that I've had back and knee issues for years on end. I've had knee problems for going on 10 years now, some of it related to an early job stocking groceries and the strain put on my knees.
Anyways, I'm rambling a bit with that.
I went to a doctor for some help with the gout problems and after some bloodwork and tests, I was told that my health is a pretty big issue right now and if I don't change my lifestyle, I could be dead in a year.
That kind of scares the shit out of you to hear news like that.

So you might be asking, "How the hell does this have anything to do with me?"
I've made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle for the better and part of that is to unload the gigantic collection of games I've amassed over the many years I've played. This doesn't mean I'm giving up gaming for good though, so no worries. All in all, I'm probably getting rid of a good 95% of my game collection and that's where YOU come in. I made a huge listing of all the games I am offering for sale on a messageboard I frequent. If you are reading this, I fully invite you to look at the list to see if there is anything you would like to buy. If there is, send me an email (joecam at joecamnet dot com) with a small list (don't go asking about 30 games unless you can afford all of them). When you send your list, you must make offers on the games. I'm not setting prices. It's up to you to find what you like, make an offer and we work out a deal.
This is not a desperation sale. I don't expect to get full retail value for my games, but I also don't want to get lowballed. I know what my games are worth and I would like to get a worthwhile amount for my games. If my games don't all sell, then no big deal. If I want to get ripped off, I'll take cash from GameStop. It'll save me a bunch of post office trips.

So yes. A change in my lifestyle means that you could potentially score some pretty nice games for pretty decent prices. I've already unloaded a bunch of good stuff and I have plenty more to go around. The money made on this sale is going to be used to pay for a much needed vacation and to start buying healthier food and getting a gym membership so I can work out instead of just play games all the time.
Comments here are welcome, but if you want to make an offer on games, please email me. I'll get those long before I get to the comments here.
Also note that this list has been mentioned in a few places and the list on the board may not be 100% updated at all times. I will be treating offers on a first come, first serve basis so you may make an offer on a game after somebody else. There's a huge list and a lot of interest, so bear with me if you send an email. I also work third shift and sleep during the day, so keep that in mind as well when it comes to getting a reply from me.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the list.

Massive Sale Thread Here

Rock out with your cock out.

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