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Hawkmoon269 avatar 2:31 PM on 04.25.2013  (server time)
How the Rayman Legends Challenge App showed me the stupidity of always-on

Being a Wii U owner, I was, like many others, somewhat disappointed by the massive delay of Rayman Legends. I'd thoroughly enjoyed Origins, and was looking forward to getting another dose of platforming heaven.

It was with eager anticipation, therefore, that I downloaded Ubisoft's "apology" for the delay, the Rayman Legends Challenge App - a free game from the e-shop with daily and weekly updated challenges, meant to tide me over until the full game is released.

I managed to enjoy it for roughly twenty minutes. After twenty minutes? Well, the internet happened.

I could no longer access any of the challenges - because the Ubisoft servers were too busy.

You see, the challenge portion of the game requires a constant internet connection. I suppose this is because a big part of the game is comparing your scores with others across the globe. And that's a nice idea and all, that feeling of connectivity, but that nice feeling quickly evaporates when I CAN'T PLAY THE DAMN GAME.

I could rail at Ubisoft for this shortcoming, for failing to deliver a bloody apology properly, but I won't, because it's Ubisoft, and so I'm hardly surprised.

Instead, I'm going to focus on the opportunity this failing has afforded me - the opportunity to witness first hand what an always-on internet connect does to a gaming experience.

It ruins it. Players of Diablo III learned this. Players of Sim City learned this.

And now I have too.

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