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2:12 AM on 05.30.2011

Machinima: Uninstalled- Episode One

Press My Spacebar is glad to bring you the first ever episode of Uninstalled, a lo-fi comedy series filmed entirely in Garry's Mod. It's a plot based comedy show about a guy named Phil. Phil is a guy who doesn't like wasting time, unfortunately for him the job that his dad placed him in requires him to do exactly that. Getting paid for doing nothing sounds like a good deal but for Phil it's the most depressing thing in the world, to make it worse he works with a dumb ass and a creepy transvestite (who also happens to be his boss).

This is the first episode in what will hopefully be a long running series, the first episode is a bit sloppy in places but I'll make sure to have the next episode be as close to perfect as I can get it. If anyone would like to contribute to a later episode, feel free to add me on steam Thanks for checking this out.

Cast and Crew:
Blood-Fury - Director, Ingame Actor, Writer and Voice Actor for Phil
Yamibito - Senior Writer and Editor
Fumples - Writer and Voice Actor for MossMAN
MGern - Writer and Voice Actor for Jerry
Seshoho Cian - Writer, Ingame Actor, Set Designer and Animator
Exilion - Writer, Ingame Actor, Set Designer and Server Provider
Leonarrias - Producer
Borsty - Awesome Guy
Miles - Writer

Seshoho Cian:
Double Hawk Films:
Hot Wire Films:
Body Cheetah:
Father Longlegs:   read

5:09 AM on 02.27.2011

Do We Really Need More Zombies?

After the recent re-unveiling of Dead Island, it got me thinking more and more about zombies in video games. Do we really need any more games, have they been done to death and are we in need of some sort of revelation for the genre as a whole? The short answer to this is a resounding "yes", but it's a little more complicated than that.

As long have games have been around, so have zombies. Ever since George Romero's Dawn of the Dead there has been a cult following for everything zombie. There have been plenty of zombie games and movies ever since Romero's masterpiece, from Zombies Ate My Neighbors all the way to Left 4 Dead, the genre has seen quite a few variations on the formula. Full blown action to tense horror, we've had it all. Or so we like to think.

When have we ever had a true zombie horror game, one that takes itself seriously but not to the point where it's humorous like Resident Evil? The answer to this question is never. We have never had a serious, drama filled zombie game. There have definitely been attempts but they've never emphasized on the characters and what this sort of situation will do to them, we've definitely had movies and even a TV series that have explored what happens to humans when an outside threat as radical as zombies is brought into the mix, and it works really well. If we can get a TV series and a bunch of movies with a serious zombie theme then why can't we have a game that can do the same thing?

The zombie genre needs reinventing for it to stay relevant in gaming and if there is one game that will be able to do this it'll be Dead Island. It promises an emotional story with true horror, you must survive with 3 of your friends on an open world tropical resort with nothing more than a few items that you'll find laying around the island to defend yourself with. This is the type of zombie game I have been dreaming of ever since I watched Night of the Living Dead. I love zombies as much as the next guy but I'm sick of these macho action games where zombies can be plowed down with a few shots, that's just plain boring.

So yeah we do need more zombies but only if the genre is willing to reinvent itself. The next time you tell someone about Dead Island and they say "oh Jesus not another zombie game", do me a favour and punch them in the arm. This won't be just another zombie game and at this point in time all I can say is "please be good", I have high hopes for this.   read

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