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Joe Burling
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I'm the #3 Rick Roll on the Internets

Ron Workman informed me today that I'm the #3 Rick Roll on the innertrons. See for yourself I Rick Rolled Cliffy B with that video. In case you didn't know, I like to Rick Roll (I'm assuming it's no surprise at this point...


Throat Singtoid

When I heard that Charlie Suh was an accomplished throat singer, I became awfully excited because I, too, dabble in some throat singing myself. Please listen to one of my more recent songs and let me know if I have a future in this or not.


Ron Workman gets 38.7 out of 10?

OK, so I am browsing GameTrailers.com and I see Ron's Kain and Lynch review as one of the featured vids. Now, we all (most of us) knew that Ron's vid was a featured vid and linked on the front page, but what took me by surpri...


Temple of the Ocean King sucks balls

I'm really loving Zelda Phantom Hourglass... all except for the Temple of the Ocean King. OK, first let me rewind a bit. I hate time limits in games. It's not that I suck at games with time limits, I just don't enjoy them....


Bestest Greeting Card(s) Eva! Must See!

Here at Destructoid, we get A LOT of emails. BlindsideDork, GoldenDonut, and the rest of the staff can confirm this speculative statement. The emails consist mostly of tips, but we also get our fair share of spam, naked pics ...


I <3 K-Mart; aka. Mass Effect is MINE!

I signed into Xbox Live this morning to find two of my friends (PonyBones and ETron) playing Mass Effect. Etron, a staff member over at x360a.com, told me that K-Mart broke street date. PonyBones told me the same. I was out...


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