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5:18 PM on 12.14.2011

DC Universe Online- First impressions

DC Universe Online is an mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that came out for the Playstation 3 and PC on January 11th 2011. On November 1st DC Universe decided to go with a free to play business model, which means that the game is free to play but they have extras that you can pay for like weapons, costumes, etc. I recently decided to try out the ps3 version of the game since it went free to play, so here are my first impressions of DC Universe Online.

First things first, I love the character customization in DC Universe. You start off by choosing if you are going to be a hero or a villain, once that is decided then you get to the fun stuff. Just imagine what you would look like as a superhero or villain, and you can probably create an exact replica in the game. There are a wide variety of colors schemes and palettes to choose from, also you can choose the personality of your character which will change the posture of the character and pretty much the way he or she acts and looks all around. There is also plenty of options to choose from when designing your characterís suit, and you can choose an inspired by option that allows for you to pick a DC character and they will design a character that resembles that character. After customization the player chooses a mentor to guide them through the storyline, the mentors differ if you are a hero or a villain. Another great thing about the customization is while in game if you find a style you like the player can keep that same look no matter what kind of gear the player has on. So with all these different options you should be able to create your dream hero or villain.

Combat in DC Universe is pretty much a 3rd person action game. The player acquires combos to do with your weapon of choice, which there are many to choose from. These combos are done with certain button combinations, which sometimes can be tedious to remember but if you are just button mashing anyways you are bound to pull off several in one battle. Other than combos there is a loadout at the bottom of the screen which allows you to use your special powers by holding down the L2 button then hitting the circle, triangle, or square button. Then if the player holds down the R2 button you can use items to heal yourself or use powers that will heal you. Also With every level you gain skill points or power points to learn new abilities for your character. Characters have several different talent trees and they are very deep, and make for so many different combinations of classes that I have only scratched the surface.

Questing in DC Universe consists of talking to different heroes or villains and helping them out. So far from what I have seen quest lines consist of several different go kill things and then collect items from them quests and thatís pretty much it. After about three of those the player eventually finds themselves in a small instance with a boss battle ending the instance. The instances so far have been pretty easy, the first instance I did on my own and the others I did with one other person. That being said I love the instances, they are easy to jump into and a lot of fun to play through. DC Universe does offer bigger instances and raids, like ones you would find in World of Warcraft.

When I first started playing DC Universe Online I wasnít that into it, but slowly and surely I got addicted. The game opened up and next thing I knew four hours had passed, I realized I hadnít eaten dinner and I didnít want to stop playing. While I do enjoy the game there are some hiccups with it, like for a good 2 hours the sound wasnít working in game, which is very frustrating. Also the quests so far are very redundant, but I am only level thirteen out of thirty, so hopefully the quests will open up and have more variety to them. Even with these small problems DC Universe Online is a great game, and even better itís a FREE game so if you own a ps3 or have a pc that can play it, I highly recommend downloading the game. With the amazing customization, fun combat, and easy to jump into instances, DC Universe Online is a great game that I will be playing for many days to come.

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