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Zodiac Eclipse avatar 4:44 PM on 03.16.2011  (server time)
Happy Birthday Niero and Destructoid!

It's time for my yearly sappy blog where I tell you all how much I love this community and how thankful I am to Niero for making a place where I could feel like I fit in, or am at least just as much of a misfit as everyone else. If that isn't your bag, well there's the door cuz I'm gonna do it anyway.

First to my dear boss Niero I wish the happiest of happy birthdays!

I got to actually meet Niero at PAX last year and I can honestly say he's the most genuine person I've ever met. Like when you hang out with him you just feel like the world is an awesome place and that you're an awesome person just by being part of it.

Niero, I got to tell you in person, in my rambling stream of conscience swear filled way, just how much this place means to me when we met. Thanks for letting me do that, it was the equivalent of telling your hero how much you look up to them and it was amazing getting to meet you. I hope this year brings you everything great cuz buddy, you deserve the best.

Next to my forum kids.

Thanks for letting me be your mom, even when you don't clean up your room and you leave hookers lying around for me to clean up, I still love you. I just had my one year Moderversary this year and getting to be your admin is one of my very favorite things about this site. Don't ever change, except you Hatman, you need to shape up.

Now for the community at large, I love you guys!

Meeting so many of you at PAX was amazing. Interacting on the forums and Cblogs with so many cool people everyday saves me from a life of drudgery. Staying home with a toddler is exciting, but having other like-minded individuals and fascinating personalities to chat with on a daily basis keeps me sane. Thank you all for being my online water cooler where I can catch up on the day's events and gossip about which game character has let themselves go in the sequels. Good times.

Thanks to all my friends!

If there was a list, it would be too long to type up, but anyone who I've ever talked to or about? Yeah you're awesome. If you ever need a couch moved you call me and I'll send someone right over to help you out.

I can hardly believe this place has only been around for 5 years because I can't even imagine my life without it. Much love dtoid, now and always!

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