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I tend to be behind the curve playing games, I have only just got a 360 and my computer is a laptop. So I tend to stick with older console and PC games. Not really picky otherwise though. Not a fan of games with a ton of plot where you are sitting there watching a movie with interactive bits inbetween. Lately I've tended toward indie games mainly because they are cheap and I can usually run them on my old hardware.

12:58 PM on 08.03.2009

I don't actually suck at games per say, but I suck at finishing them. I'll get through most of it and then for some reason or another I'll quit. It may be because I'm stuck at a part and too proud to look at a walkthrough or cheap to buy a strategy guide. Sometimes I just get caught up in real world problems and just never come back to it. It's rarely ever because the game isn't good, I really enjoy any game I get.

A good example is Legend of Zelda games. I will get really into it and play for hours a day, but then usually around the 70% mark I just stop playing. All my friends are so shocked by this because they say "But it's the best part", and I invariably respond "I know". I think the only Zelda game I have actually beaten is Ocarina of Time, and that's because I was grounded in me room for one summer and I hid it so my mom couldn't take ALL my games. I sat there and played it on mute being as silent as I could be because it was the only entertainment I had.

I think the main problem I have is that I just get bored of games too fast, or they are just too long for me. I can read a book in a day or two, a movie only lasts 3 hours tops. Why is it that games are so long? Taking upwards of 20 hours to complete, if not double or triple that. I get that if you are paying $60+ for a game you expect to get a good deal of play time out of it. But why does it have to be that way? Why can't a game cost $20 and last maybe 5-10 hours? It seems that when a game touts it's gameplay time, it always ends up being a watered down experience anyway where you are backtracking or going across an entire city for one thing and then going back to give it to someone.

I've found a small niche in indie games though where they don't have the manpower or budget to have games that literally span days or require you to act as though it's a full time job to finish in a week. I can find a game that is free or really cheap, play it, beat it and move on. I don't expect the industry to cater to just me, but I think there is a market for these little short movie length games, especially on portable media. Just something you can pick up
while waiting on a bus or a friend, that you can get a decent way into, save your state, and be on your way and
pick it up where you left off later.